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I have reached week 12 of the NHS plan I have lost a total of one stone one pound but as I posted yesterday I didn't lose last week. My aim wasn't to get to a certain weight but to reach a healthy bmi and to get rid of my dangerous "belly fat" which is going but there is still some there. I have just read that if in conjunction with calorie control you take a calcium supplement together with a vitamin D supplement it speeds up the metabolism and in particular helps reduce visceral fat. Is this the answer to my prayers? or is just going to make me lose pounds out of my purse! Has anybody else heard this or even tried it? Do you think it's worth trying?


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  • I would say not! But I am a bit of a sceptic, raspberry ketones and all that Malachi I have belly fat and skin, and we all carry excess weight in different places toning will help reduce your waistline try some strength exercises

  • Thanks I am sceptical too I don't visit a gym (I am 73) my exercise comes from walking a lot and an exercise bike I will admit I've been looking at weighted hula hoops recently but the mind boggles....!!!

  • Lol age is just a number- they now have a hula hoop class at the gym I see them at the back of the room and I am dying to give them a go! I was useless at school though .......

  • Sadly experience in various aspects of life makes me cynical. If you hear it from the lips of a qualified healthcare professional then that's obviously another matter, but if it all sounds too good to be true then it almost always is.

    Sorry - and good luck, 1st and 1lb is fab (and pretty much what I have done too! - yippee - on to greater toning and trimming this year for both of us!).


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