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Week 4 Down

So I said to myself I will write regardless of the result to let people know it is ok to have a 1 off week. Don't get me wrong everybody has them but it's how you respond to them that makes it acceptable.

Well this week was my exception - I had new year and my wedding anniversary and I was dreading it but regardless of all my eating I have managed to stay the same weight which I am happier about. It just means I have to lose this week.

This means my resluts are still 10 pounds off and I desperately want to get into the 16 stone something so going to be extra good this week and see if I can acheive it.

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Good morning! Well done you! Staying stable on weeks with endless distracting eating opportunities is not easy.

Keep up the good work - and the posting (you are quite right - I've made the same vow - always post and everyone's always really nice so it picks you up and gets you back on track again!) and you'll be down to those 16 somethings in the coming weeks.

Wishing you lots of luck in the new year!



Thank you very much! You're right everyon on here is very friendly and spur each other on. I've never blogged my weight online however finding this easy than I thought I would.

It's good to do losses and gains that ways you are being honest to yourself and to others. We will get there.

Good luck for this year!


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