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Hi! My name is Marina and I am 16 years old:) I'm new here and weigh 62 kg, Ideally I'd like to loose 10kg in 2 months. I am size 12 and would like to be a size 8-10:) I have joined this forum for some support as I always struggle sticking to eating healthily!

I do horse riding and also play in my school's hockey team, I'm going to start running three times a week with a friend aswell!

And happy new year everyone haha!:)

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Hello, welcome and happy new year to you too🎉 Your exercise sounds ideal but if you are worried about eating healthier try looking at healthy recipes to cook at home ( loads online ), can you muscle your parents out of the kitchen? My teenagers do a mean stir fry (very healthy ) and I don't even mind cleaning their mess up😂 As long as they cook for me too😆😆😆

Anyway, good luck, try not to loose too much, you're still growing so it will come off anyway but healthy eating is a good way to go👍


Hi Marina,

It'd be interesting to know how tall you are and if you have you ever checked your BMI at all. From those figures it sounds like you'd fall into the healthy range for weight. 10Kg is a lot of weight to lose at your age and especially at your weight.

Sounds like your main focus should be eating healthier as you sound pretty active. You may find you lose weight by doing this but more importantly maintain a healthy weight as well.

Good luck :)


Are you sure you need to lose weight? Check your BMI at nhs.uk/tools/documents/heal...

I also think 10kg in 2 months is too much too quick, 1kg a week is quite a large amount!

Cut out any junk food and eat more fruit and vegetables and you will feel healthier, even if the scales don't move. Perhaps take some measurements around your waist, thighs, bum, etc and watch them change.


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