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Positive mind and vision

I'm so relieved to have come across this forum, its already made me more determined.

My enlightenment came this weekend when i was confronted by the truth thanks to the multi angle changing room mirrors. I'm in the right frame of mind now to sort myself out. It's day 1 of week one and im feeling positive with my target date, weight and fitness level in my sights....oh and the jeans to remind me of horrible I felt.

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hi nanny123

I can totally sympathise with you, as its the same for me, have some lovely clothes and 95% do not fit me any more so went of to the sales to get some that do. that's when it really hit me like a 10 ton truck . i realised id never look good in those elasticated trousers and baggy tops, so put the lot back. someone used to say id look good in anything even a dustbin bag , now I just look good inside the dustbin bag. I feel ashamed ive let myself go.. so like everyone on here im going to do this more for health reasons than looking good though that would be nice,, good luck


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