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Day 1 in the big brother house 🤔👍

Lol.....injecting some humour ?

So everyone first day kicked off with a good start......

1, 35 mins. Gym workout

2, Meal ideas up to this Thursday

3, Mind sorted

4, Fingers crossed

I've decided not to weigh in this week, I know I have put on because my clothes are tight & uncomfortable....... But I enjoyed Xmas immensely (I included walking everyday)

and it is mind over matter with me & if I see a negative number on my scales I would think sod it !!!!! I even considered rejoining WW ? Why I know what to do !!!

So guys I hope your first day is going well and positive feed back to you all. 👍👍👍

Good luck..........

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Fir the first two weeks I had the day numbers big brother stake in my head. Then it stopped.

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