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My first week

hi, so today I have started my road to a healthier life.

I currently weigh 15 stone which is four to four and a half stone more than i want/need to be.

My resolutions are to eat healthier food

To count the calories consumed

cut right back on alcohol......but not give it up entirely as I won't sustain that

to exercise every day in some way, even if its just to go for a walk.

Thankful that this group is here.

Happy 2016 to everyone

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Well done for your New Years resolutions! Mine is to give up alcohol, lose 4 stone and exercise more!! I have 10 days off work from the 8th Jan so will see the real difference then... I lost 7lbs before Xmas, put on 8!! Over the Christmas period (I worked at Christmas, in a care home... LOTS OF CHOCOLATE!) but I started again on the 29th (eating properly, no crap and no alcohol) and I have lost 6lbs since! So 6 days and 6lbs! As long as you keep to your goal and remember why you're doing it you'll be fine! Good luck to you 😊


Hi thanks for the encouraging words. sounds like we have very similar goals. When did you start then was it just before xmas? that's a huge weight loss over the last week. Be interesting to see how we both do.



Yeah. I woke up one day and saw myself in the mirror. I went on the scales and I was 13stone 4! when I got together with my boyfriend 2 years ago nearly, I was 9 stone!! So I now want to stick to a goal and get back down to 9'11-10'3 and a size 8-10 (preferably 8) by June! My plan is 2 smoothies a day ( breakfast and lunch) and good healthy wholesome dinner. Lots of gym on my days off and bike ride to and from work (5 miles each way)

Good luck to us both!


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