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1st Day

For such a long time I accidently on purpose forgot to buy batteries for my scales. So being the new year I decided to be brave and get some. Well I was mortified when I weighed myself. I am 11st 5lbs and I am only 5ft< Obese I am told from BMI.. I should of known from warning signs, clothes not fitting ect ect. but this has all come from giving up smoking which I know is a good thing, but am so miserable being this weight.... so here goes im going to do this no matter what as I used to be 9st 2 lbs and I am determined to be that weight again... good luck to every one

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Good luck - and remember this - I am 5ft 4inches and I would love to be your weight!! Things are never as bad as they seem, but they can always be improved up on.


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