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raw or cooked when calorie counting

This is my first day and I'm in the middle of meal planning. I would like to do myself a list of all the ingredients I use on a regular basis. The calorie counter gives different answers for cooked nd raw. So if you were planning to make a stew would you count the vegetables your using as cooked or raw. I have been noting them down as cooked but the example they give as a recipe is using the raw reading. I know it's not a huge amount of difference but I just wondered what every one else did.

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It doesn't matter. E.g. raw sprouts = 42, cooked sprouts = 35, because the cooked ones have less dry matter and more water content, added by steaming/boiling.

I just weigh everything raw as I prep it and count those cals. It's easier.


I do the same as flavourfiend as I am making the recipe/meal I weigh and calculate the calories for the whole meal. If there is more than one portion I then devide the total by the number of portions to get an average for the one meal/portion.



I do the same as flavourfiend ie. I always weight stuff raw and count the calories on that basis.

If you have a smart phone and have down loaded myfitnesspal then its a whole different ball game and much much faster.

PS I also just bought digital kitchen scales - I wish I had done that months ago they save lots of time.


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