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Starting a fresh

Decided to return to Health unlocked and get my act together for the new year. I manged to loose a stone on here previously so hoping for the same in the next few weeks. I stopped any thoughts of diets in September when my work load doubled and I suffered a bereavement which totally threw my world upside down... I've established that I'm the type of person who really has to consciously concentrate on dieting if I'm to loose any weight. On the plus side, although I wasn't actively dieting I haven't put on any weight since I left Health unlocked which I feel is an achievement. It's also the first time I haven't put on weight over a Christmas Period since I don't know when! So I think I continue to eat healthily and exercise but I need an extra push to shed the weight I've gained in previous years.

My goals are to loose another 2 stone to begin with, it would be great to loose this in 19 weeks at which time I'm going Marbella for one of my best friends Hen Weekend followed by their wedding in June for which I am a bridesmaid. So I've calculated that it's around 1.5lb a week which I think should be hopefully quite manageable.

I find it such a great supportive place on here so looking forward to reading everyones posts on achievements and coping with struggles that we all have. Any suggestions on how to push the weight loss? I've decided to get rid of all processed carbs except for occasional treats (If i'm honest!) so exchanging potato, pasta and bread for cauliflower rice, and I had a spiralizer as a gift so I can make vegetable noodles. I always struggle for a fuss free lunch I can have in a hurry at work (don't often have a lunch break) did go through a phase of just having a yogurt and some fruits which I will try again, often left feeling hungry though... Still playing netball every week but going to get back to my running but the rain makes it very unappealing!

Happy New Year to every one and good luck for the journeys your'e on and those yet to come!!

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