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1st day

Hi everyone

I've just joined today after reaching my highest (non-pregnant) weight of 10 stone 3/4 pound and just over 5ft tall. I've stuck the week 1 plan on my fridge along with a photo of me in a tiny bikini at 8 stone! (ok it was taken 25 years ago) I don't want to get back down to that weight as, in the words of Nigella Lawson, it's a trade off between face and figure for us over 40s, but I'd really like to see that number 8 on the scales so am aiming for 8 stone 13lbs.

Is this where we record our weight each Monday or is there another page to do that?

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Hi I'm day one as well! I'm also at my heaviest weight ever and am fed up of it. I'd like to lose as much as I can by Easter for a once in a lifetime holiday. I'll weigh in here next Monday. Good luck!


Hi Chloe

Day 1 has gone well so far, I've just had my baked fish, broccoli and green beans and actually really enjoyed it! Where are you going on holiday?


Hi We're going to south africa. very exciting. I need to lose a good couple of stone though by then and another stone and a bit by a birthday party in May! Where do you find the meal plans?


Lovely, my friend went there earlier last year (seems funny saying last year for 2015) and she loved it. I found some meal plans on the home page but I didn't use them today, there were some quite nice ones though and more veggie than I expected which is good as I only eat fish but not meat.

I really hope I can stick to this diet, It's good that you have an incentive.

Good luck to you too


• Plan your meals using our Meal Mixer

at nhs.uk/c4lrecipefinder

It's on the week 1 plan


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