I weighed myself this morning, am only a few pounds short of when I was full term with my Son, who is now 12yrs.... how long can I claim its baby weight !

Though, contributing factors I am sure have not helped. Finally got divorced after years of misery, five years ago had major health problems ( brain surgery for something they found in the white matter in the brain ) biopsies and medications have taken its effect. Not able to work at present due to fits, exercise is limited for the risk of fitting... But I am taking charge ! I lost 2 stone 10 yrs ago on Slimming World but thought I would try this option... Diet plans are great, get the support from others in same situation, New Year New Start ! Am going to view the Feel Good fitness factory at Palatine Sports Centre once this pesky head cold has gone.

So Good Luck everyone..... Let's make 2016 the year we make the difference.


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11 Replies

  • We'll done, Weezie, for making a decision to change your lifestyle. The new year is a great time to start with new resolutions - and everyday is a new day. Best of luck with your new year.

  • And to you too ! We can all do this 😀

  • I didnt lose the baby weight, and my baby is now 14......but this year is the year we both shift it!! ;)

  • Deal !! Lets be those foxy chics we used to be... x👍

  • Thank you for posting this. It's the first post I've read today, other than some of the weigh in posts and it's so positive and uplifting that you're so determined to regain control of your health. It's set me up for the day. Thank you again and well done you :)

  • Thank you very much for your reply.

    Just had a healthy tea, lots of greens, and finishing off with some ginger herbal tea.... Good luck with your quest 😀

  • Don't know that I have ever been a foxy chick- but it would be good to try!

    How's it going today Weezie? What are you having for tea? Pork with mushrooms and lots of veggies for me.

  • Evening Dolce.. Thank you for yr message... Me, another day of thus darn headcold so not upto going to book in for show round at the gym yet. Today I ate two slices brown bread toast ( scraping of butter cos other spreads have bad fats in them ) , porridge for lunch ( half water half semi milk )

    Tea has been chicken breast, steamed potatoes and vegatables. Drank fresh OJ, water & herbal teas....

    The hardest part of this was making the decision to do this... lets keep it going x

  • Sorry you are not feeling well. You have done well with your healthy food too. I'm going to go to the gym tonight, have been going off and on for a while but not regularly enough to really make a difference. I feel so good when I go regularly, but I am really just lazy and can find a million excuses not to go! I've told you I'm going now so I will have to make the effort!

    Enjoy your evening.

  • Go and enjoy it... you know you will feel better after it.. bith phyiscally and mentaly. Plus you will sleep well tonight ! 💪😊

  • Gym was great last night, don't know why I don't go really!

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