A year on

This time last year I had just found this forum. I was sitting eating sweets feeling fat and down in the dumps. A year on and a stone lighter. I have still eaten the Christmas sweets but this time I have counted the calories. I only had sweets and biscuits that were bought for presents. Last year I bought my own supply and ate the presents stash as well. I am already on the sensible eating and counting calories. I cant think diet, at 69 years and after a life time of yoyo dieting I am doing this because I want to, not to please anyone else. The boost I got from the nurse at the doctors surgery in November when it was time for my yearly check up was fantastic. She was so pleased with my efforts and said I was just in the acceptable readings for my height and age. The time before I had just slipped into the obese bracket. My aim for this year is to do the best I can without making myself miserable and be another stone lighter by Christmas this year.

I wish all of you out there a very happy new year. Stay positive and do the best you can and do it because YOU want to not to please anyone else. Good luck. I`ll look forward to reading posts, a great motivator to me.


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10 Replies

  • Happy new year.

  • Thank you and you too.

  • Hi, well done you! Not only for doing it but for doing it for yourself👍 So many people want to loose weight because of peer pressure or an unrealistic image they want to be like, we need to find what is healthy for us as individuals and your story has really motivated me, thank you.

  • Thanks, your comment encourages me on. Happy new year. Good luck

  • Well done you! Just great to hear your healthy news.

    I am following in your footsteps this year so keep us posted! ☺

  • Good luck with your efforts. Mine is a very slow loss but hey ho its off not on. Happy new year.

  • Hi Implement,

    Congratulations on your excellent result over the year, and Happy New Year!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you and a happy new year to you too.

  • Hi all. Just thinking about getting my head around new year an new diet no I should say healthy eating plan, I'm sure after doin the BMI I realize I'm not having enough calories, go in to try soup maker any ideas? How do you count calories in home made soup?

  • As an avid sweet eater I can totally see where you were coming from, and your motivation. A LOVELY post, and I am inspired by it.

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