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all the great (& motivated) minds think alike. so , NO, we are not boring & sad. just everyday normal people with a desire to finally get it done & done right. THIS year we WILL shift the pounds.

I have a particular reason on top of the usual........... I am a tai Chi & Chi kung instructor and 2nd dan black belt in Tang Soo Do (korean) And i am overweight... Not really a very good advert for my classes at all.

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Hi and welcome jammybond :)

I need a translator for all those classes! :)

Here's a few suggestions to help you on your way, if you wish

1. NHS 12 week plan


2. Monday group weigh-in. If you click follow on Lowcal's profile, you'll be notified when she posts tomorrow's thread


3. If you wish to join our challenge, today's the last day to sign up


Here's to your students seeing a new and awesome you :)

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I just wanted to say hi and welcome jammybond. Moreless has pointed you in the right direction, as she did me 4 months ago :)

Follow the plan, ask questions as you go along. All questions are good.

I'm certain you won't regret joining.

Have a great day. :)


This is our year Jammybond! You, me and everyone on here determined to get the job done!

You will find a very supportive crowd cheering you on on this site.

Eyes down... here we go! ☺


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