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Right....time to really do it!

It's been said that doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is madness...so it's time to start trying to make changes in my diet and lifestyle and start on the road to a healthier happier me.

I have no excuse.. live on my own, kids have long since left home so I can please myself when and what I eat...so why does it seem so difficult?

I try to eat well..homemade wholemeal bread, 1% milk, do most of my own meals from scratch, enjoy a glass of wine in the evening, so no filling up on junk food etc but christmas has been a disaster with sweets, chocolate and biscuits all readily available.. and I just can't throw them away! I did give a lot tomy daughters to take back with them, but there still seems to be mountains of tempatation everywhere I look!

Part of my problem is boredom/comfort eating..the evenings seem to stretch out, especially on these dark winter nights. I walk when ever I can, play badminton, sing in a choir, swim...but its all mostly in the daytime.

Going to try it from a completely different angle..turning vegetarian for a little while to see if by thinking differently about what I eat and cooking different meals I can be a bit more in control of what, how and when I eat.

I'm 5' 3" aged 62 and weigh 12 stone, about half a stone has gone on since the beginning of December

I want to lose a couple of stone by my birthday in April

So..any recipe ideas, any tips, any thoughts, any help is most appreciated and warmly welcomed!

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I would give the sweets away or put them in the bin.


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