another newbie

another newbie

hi everyone my name is linda I am 52 years old and live in a village in sussex. I have just sold the village pub that my husband and I have run for the last 7 and a half years which was very tough but gained us fantastic friends. however my health has really suffered and I have put on 4 stone. I feel VERY unhealthy and have lost most of my self confidence. have tried every diet in the book and always lost weight but never kept it off. now is the time I have to make it work for my sake and my family's sake. looking forward...kind of... to facing this challenge with like minded people.


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  • Welcome. Have you looked at the nhs 12 week challenge. Most of us follow that. It is very good and more about healthy eating than dieting. Life style change.

    Use the forum as a focus, everyone us friendly and will help where they can.

  • Hi yes I have just printed off week one and it's the kind of structure I need. am now planning out my day into chunks a bit like a lesson timetable from school days. I work from home and fulltime care for my 92 mum in law so need the same discipline in my daily routine as I do in my healthy eating. I am going to give myself a PE hour in the day! sounds mad but I think it might work for me lol. thanks for the reply

  • What works for you works for you. Planning is definately key I think. Don't be too hard on yourself and do include snacks.

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