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There she goes again

Hi everyone, I'm new here been lurking for a few days but you all seem like a friendly bunch so I thought I would join in :)

My story is that I've struggled with my weight for the last 20 years and in that time at my heaviest was 19stone and at my lightest 9stone and I've been all the weights in between several times over. I know how to lose weight and manage to do it every time I put my mind to it but my big struggle is keeping it off.

This time last year I was 13 stone and a few weeks ago 13s 10lb and decided enough was enough. Since it was the holiday period I didnt want to miss out too much so I've made gradual changes and now feel ready to start my "diet" in full.

I won't be counting calories or doing any faddy diet but cooking from scratch using lots of veg, eating as little processed food as I can, watching the portion size and gradually increasing the exercise and when the nights are lighter and I'm a bit fitter I will try the couch to 5k.

I'm 5'3'' and today weigh in at 13s 6lb and in the obese category so my first goal is to get to 12s and be "overweight".

My ultimate goal however is to get to a healthy weight, 10s, for turning 40 at the end of October which works out at 48lb to lose over 43 weeks. So just over 1lb per week, however hoping to lose more in the beginning to compensate for those weeks where it doesnt go to plan.

I will then be seeking a lot of advice on how to stay there.

I'm going to join in with the Monday club if thats ok to try and keep me on track.

Looking forward to our shared journey.


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Hi Brightsky,

Like your plan and your thinking, it's a good start when you know what works for you😃

I to have been a Yoyo dieter but there comes a time that it's got to stop and it's got to be a change of mind, no diet but making more mindful, healthy choices ( works most of the time lol).

You'll enjoy the 'Monday club' with the fab 5, and enjoy your journey😃



Hello and welcome.


Hi Brightsky.

I can totally relate to your post! I too am 5'3" and weighed in today at my heaviest - 12st13. I'm 54 and have yo-yo'ed up and down for 30 years. I haven't been under 10st for 15 years and every time I get to 10st 1 I start to gradually go up again and stop weighing myself. Having once been an exercise teacher I was diagnosed with a chronic heart condition 10 years ago which stops me doing strenuous exercise. I can walk and do light weights - I have just not been doing anything for weeks though and feel so unhealthy. I really want and need to do this - so todays the day!


Hi Brightsky,

Well that sounds like a plan, a good plan, a very doable plan. You've clearly given this a lot of thought, good luck to you.

I empathise with a lot of what you've said, like you my weight has gone up and down the scales and I've tried so many different diets I've lost count, also like you I'm not very tall (actually at 5'2" I'm short!!!), and for some reason that always seems to make things more difficult? Anyway, I started my healthy eating plan at the end of last March and I've managed to shed just over 3 & 1/2 stone I did this by following the NHS 12 week plan, it's such an easy and enjoyable way to lose weight.

Good luck to you, I'm sure you're going to be successful.


Hi Brightsky,

Great that you're joining in with our Monday Group weigh-in. It will be great to have you with us, and I hope you'll really enjoy being part of the group.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend so far.

Lowcal :-)


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