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A very happy new year to all involved here with health unlocked. This is my first day here, hopefully with more to come.

Not sure what to put in but lets star with the obvious bits....

I am 55 (bloke)


14st 2lb

Bmi 30

Using the nhs guideline, am approx 2st overweight

Therein lies my goal, lose 2st this year (preferrably before summer..!)

Any help an tips would be gladly accepted, but please dont suggest jogging. These knees wont take it

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Hi James,

Welcome to the forum, it's really fab here! Lots of amazing people who have done amazingly well.

Try looking at the NHS 12 week plan, it's helped me no end.

Good luck,

Elsie x


Hi Jammy & welcome.

You say no jogging (don't blame you) but do you walk much? Distance for distance running and walking burns the same calories so it is a great form of exercise just a bit slower.

Good luck :)


Hello. Welcome. I don't jog either. Have you looked at the nhs 12 week plan?


Hi James , let's start with your meal time have you tried a 8"plate this may help as you can stil enjoy what you eat.let me know what you think do you keep fit?


Hi James, I'm rob, weighed for the first time yesterday and ashamed to say I was 19st 11lbs. If I lose 2lb a week, I'll be happy, as now I have a few health problems. We will all lose weight this year, as we are all determined.


Hello James, I'm a fair bit older than you but had a similar amount to lose. I also had back and knee problems. With a similar amount to lose, I followed the principals of the 12 wk plan and managed to lose well over two stone.

My knees and back are no longer a problem and there are so many other benefits too. If you have a look at my most recent post via my profile, you will see that I don't starve either :)

Good luck. It's worth it.


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