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New year, big ideas

Hello lovely people! Yes Xmas is gone, got rid of all the remainings of the festivities, now making plans for the weeks to come. I'm generally good at making plans, sticking to them is another matter... So I have signed up to two additional courses, which will add 3 more hours of intensive exercise to my busy week which already has 7 hours of intense exercise+ long walks+ jogging....it's a challenge just to find the time to fit it all in, but it's about being organised, right? Busy people always find time! I just hope my body copes with my demands, it' s given up on me before sending me to bed at 7pm when I had a class planned, but I guess listening to our body and trying to understand when it is really hungry and really tired (as opposed to seeking comfort and being lazy) is part of this journey to health.

In the meantime, I have find my hero for 2016, my inspiration and my future look alike :d Karo Swen, an amazing pole dancer, you can watch her on you tube, truly inspiring: strenght, flexibility, control, coordination...it's like her body does what her mind tells him to do, how many of us can claim to have that control?

So, this is my dream for this year, Karo watch out for the competition, it's coming!! ;)

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A very positive post, as usual, Stephanie :)

I feel motivation, inspiration and perspiration all at the same time ;)

I really hope, with all the effort you're putting in, that you will end up giving Karo Swen a run for her money :)

All the best :)

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All the best, you have some big plans!!! I wish you well on your journey x

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You go for it look like you have made your mind up to do this stay strong...👟👟

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