Have missed chatting!

Hello everyone I hope you are all feeling happy and ready for 2016 with renewed energy and willpower!

I haven`t been on here for a couple of weeks and seem to have completely lost my way!!! I haven`t been weighing myself and slipped into no care attitude.

However I do care so am back and going to take all the fantastic ideas, help and support and get a fresh approach asap.

Haven`t managed my swimming so as of next week when family routine gets back to normal I am going to embrace my time going swimming and walking and step back on those scales!! eeekkkk !!!!

I really do find this forum helps and I am so pleased to be back !! :-)


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17 Replies

  • Hi M-M,

    I think a few of us have lost our way a little over xmas - time to get back to it and make 2016 count!

    Welcome back :)

  • Thank you sueper , :-) onwards and downwards

  • Like you I have lost my way over the past week! Last family get together tomorrow then back to work and back to counting the calories and exercising. I would so love to be a dress size or two lower by this time next year!

  • Hi Tinkle ,

    Its great we are back with a good frame of mind and so lets make this a fabulous year so we can go shopping and enjoy those smaller sizes! :-)

    Enjoy your family time tomorrow and then off we go 2016 !! :-)

  • It's great to see you back Midnight-munchie :)

  • Thank you Tewson :-) Hope you are happy and well :-)

  • A little dickie at the moment, but some of the posts on the forum cheered me up :D

  • Hope you feel better asap Tewson and am pleased things here help a little , Takecare of yourself :-)

  • MM! I missed you! Thank goodness you're back! :)

    We need your laps for the Around the World challenge :)


    Come on, you know it makes sense :D

    Onwards and downwards :)

  • Hi Moreless , thank you its soooo good to hear from you , when I think of being on here you always come to mind as u always are so supportive :-)

    Hope you have been well and xmas didn`t do too much to your willpower! I am now in damage limitation and gutted I didnt get that sleigh with you all ! hmph! :-)

    However I will get back to being a mermaid next week and add to the around the world challenge!!

    Happy new year moreless :-)

    PS read your lesson on emoticons which is fab as I only knew how to smile !

  • Thank you for those kind words :)

    I was as good as gold over Christmas, not one "illegal" morsel passed my lips and I gained weight!! How unfair is that? :)

    Never again are you to allow a slip to keep you away from us. Together we can solve any problem and you MUST complete the challenge with us this time :)

    You need to sign up for the challenge, my little fishy friend


    make sure you do it straight away.

    You'll have to teach me the smileys now, cos I've forgotten half of them :D

    Happy New Year MM and a big welcome hug :)

  • Hi thank you moreless I keep forgetting to plug in my laptop and it dies on me before I reply, it is a little vintage!

    I just signed up woo !:-) I am going to have to get my act together now as don`t want to let people down!!

    You are amazing to stay on track and although you put on it will balance out as sometimes it can just be water ,so monday weigh may surprise you ! :-)

    I weighed at home today (as the gym seem to have stolen my computer scales that give me a nice little ticket ! so am hoping they are back soon from maintenance just pray they werent really broken !!! and I don`t really weigh 10 stone more!!)

    I was 17.7 last weigh at the gym and today at home 17 .7 and three quarters so hoping they are being honest!!!

    Huge hugs and thank you :-)

    Good luck tomorrow!

  • Your laptop sounds as if it's the same vintage as me! :D

    Fingers crossed for the weigh-in tomorrow, I'd really like to have reached my 3st mark :)

    Only 3/4lb on, that's fantastic! Well done you! :) How about treating yourself to a nice new set of digital scales, to start the new year off on the right foot? :)

  • I will keep everything crossed for you tomorrow hun because nearly 3 stone needs a massive cheer !!! hooray !! hooray !!! :-) see that is inspirational and makes me think I am going to follow in those footsteps !! Think new scales are a good idea might take a peak online in the sales.

    Does taking all the decorations down today on my own count as exercise? hmm I did climb a ladder ! twice ! :-)

  • I'll be over the moon if I make the 3st and if I can do it, so can you MM :)

    Anything that gets you off the couch is exercise :)

  • Just so you know, tomorrow is the very last chance you'll have to sign up for the challenge, because then it'll close as it's a lot to keep track of on a daily basis.

  • Losing your way now and again is not a big deal because you can solve the problem the next day or week. It is just a very small set back and Looking at the big picture, it is minimal.

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