Not sure how, cuz I enjoyed a 3 day Christmas with puddings, cake, wine, chocolate etc but I'm still within maintenance keeping under 10st.

In April 2014 (age 62 and 5ft 5in), I was 11st 13lbs . In April 2015 9st 12lbs. Today 9st 13lbs.

However, the sugar intake over christmas really was quite addictive!

Having finished off the trifle, I am still struggling to stay away from the remaining shortbread, which I have just sealed and "hidden" in my partner's desk out of sight!! I'd like to shift 2-3 pounds before Easter so that I've a bit more leeway as summer approaches. Be good to hear from fellow "maintainers " of any age ☺

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  • Looking fab! :)

  • Thank you sueper, a good thing about losing weight as you get older is that you gain more confidence with clothes, makeup, hair and that all distracts from the wrinkles !!!

  • Oh how I wish I was a fellow maintainer, but not yet :)

    elliebath, you have achieved my dream, you've reached your target weight, maintained it for months and look like a million dollars.

    Thanks for your story and for being such an inspiration to those of us that still have a long way to go :)

  • Thank you moreless... I always follow other people's stories but I was a bit shy about sharing my own, I didn't want to jinx things, nor p**s anyone off if they're struggling. But I was never a small girl, I think I weighed this weight when I was fifteen! But it was middle age that caught me out and 2stone just went on over ten years . But I feel in control now and if I can inspire some others to get healthier, that's a reward in itself . Happy new year!x

  • Don't hide your light under a bushel elliebath :)

    What you've achieved is amazing and the world needs and wants to know about it (well we do anyway) :)

    Happy New Year to you too :)

  • You seem to be doing well Elliebath. I'm also pleasantly surprised at managing to maintain so easily. But you give a few hints - those shortbreads needed to be sealed and put out of sight. I imagine you used a few other techniques over the festivities to minimise the damage of all those chocs, wine etc too. We're still just as susceptible to temptations as before but we've got more tools to help us stay on track. I'm 36 and have been maintaining over 3 months, just over 10st, 5'4", and hoping to stay this weight for good now :)

  • Looks like you are on the right track too Ruth, and young enough to enjoy a very long healthy future. Good luck and thank you too for encouraging us all on here. 😊

  • Thanks :) for me it was all about re-claiming that healthy future. I've just been looking at your profile - we both reversed a 2 stone gain - mine was from medication/effects of a digestive/gynae problem (still being diagnosed), yours from menopause. I really feel like I've taken things back into my own control again - I hope you feel like that too. Lots of long healthy life ahead of you too at 62 years young, and I think it's about the quality more than the quantity anyway, doing what you want to do, having confidence, and being well :)

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