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Celebrity Slimmers Blog - Week 2 (02/01/2016)

Hi All,

Hope you all had a great New Year!

Here's this week's Celebrity Slimmers Blog - celebrityslimmers.wordpress...

Please do comment your thoughts here, it'd be nice to get a little conversation going!

Also, please continue to post your requests for celebrities for me to blog on in the future and any improvements you feel I should make.

Have a great week,

Rob :)

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Looking at why he's been successful with his weight loss, he seems to have adopted a new way of eating that provides less energy without hunger, facilitated by the op. This brings a number of points up:

1) Does it provide all the nutrients he needs without need for supplementation/medication?

2) How long will he continue to lose weight? The evidence is that even with surgery the vast majority of people regain weight.

3) Are the principles achievable without the surgery. For instance, a higher-fat diet has been eschewed as being unhealthy by mainstream western medicine, yet it can support eating less energy without hunger, whilst combined with the smaller consequent amounts of other foods can provide all the nutrients necessary.

Each case has to be analysed for its own circumstances of course, but it is disturbing that surgery is the treatment of preference in most cases when compared to eating real food that doesn't fit with mainstream 'theories'.


Hi Concerned,

1) I am unsure completely as to whether he needs to take supplements or medication, but as he has only had a partial removal of the stomach, all nurtirients that the stomach absorbs can still be absorbed, whereas with total removal, certain injections are required.

2) The article I read had been published in mid-2014 and he had lost the 12st in 13mths, I am unsure whether he has lost any more.

3) I am unsure about what he's lost in the time he has would be achievable without surgery in the same timescale, I do agree that surgery isn't always the option

Rob :)


Please do comment once you have read the blog :)


The guy looks amazing now and so great that he is exercising etc to keep it up. I wish I could be so motivated to exercise - maybe this year :)

I think Melissa McCarthy has lost a fair bit but she is still quite a large lady but clearly quite fit from her performances :)

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Hi Sue,

Yes - he does, I'd never even heard of him and I was amazed at what I read :)

I'm sure you can do it - 2016 will be your year!

Rob :)

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