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Low-impact workout video - Youtube

If you're one of those who's starting the New Year with a view to losing weight, you could do worse than this video:

It runs for about 38 minutes including water breaks. It's low-impact, non-judgemental, pushes you but also encourages you to go at your own pace, and isn't patronising. That said, it should say at the start that you (ideally) need a mat for floor work, and some kind of weighted item for each hand. It also needs more information on when you should be breathing with regards to the weights sections if you're not familiar with resistance work, but otherwise it's really good for people who haven't done anything energetic in a while (ie, me).

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That's very good euryleia, thanks :)


ooh, will bookmark this one! Cheers


Great thank you


I have not looked at this yet ... any tips on how to watch a video while changing positions .,,, I really struggle with any type of fitness video (except exercises to do while seated)


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