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New year new start

So i joined up to this 2 months ago...weighed in once then got sidetracked by life and work and didnt commit properly. I stuck at my exercise routine but quit recording my food. Luckily i havent gained weight since that first weigh in but neither have I lost any and I still want to lose between 20 - 28lbs (and would like to lose this before my holiday in July)...so here I am back for round 2!

Have signed up for the Around the world challenge starting Monday and also will weigh in Monday morning with Lowcal....and this time I WILL commit! The calorie counting starts tomorrow. Good luck to everyone on this site....2016 will be a good year for us all x

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Well done quinnie for giving it another go AND for not gaining anything over the last 2 months, as that speaks volumes about your understanding of healthy eating. Maintaining is the hardest thing to do and you've managed it over the Christmas period! :)

I'm sure that 2016 is going to be our year :)

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Thankyou moreless....i find the support and encouragement on this site incredible and i know i just need to check in more regularly to stay committed so hoping the fitness challenge will help with that. Good luck with your own journey in 2016...it WILL be our year 😀


That's the way this site works - keep in touch, because we really do want you to succeed :)

I'm loving 2016 already :)

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