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My obsession with food

I could never understand why I stashed sweets, binged when no one was in or looking, until I was talking to my brother about my weight and he explained that has children our parents worked hard and long hours feeding us was either not on their priorty or used to punish us ( food given then taken away before we could eat it). Born in the early 60's we was latch key kids so neighbours used to feed us before our parents came home. The penny dropped.

Last month I sent all my friends/ family text stating no chocolates or sweets. 6 boxes of chocolates all containing average 24, 3 boxes maltesers, jelly babies. Box biscuits and packet if wine gums. Well 1 box down (2 per day) worked in calorie count. Box can now be left by my side without reaching to get another one and stash moved downstairs where I open the cupboard door and close it again.

Yes I will slip but no one is perfect. Given some chocs away.

Thanks for reading.

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I can trace my food obsession back to my childhood too. Parents divorced and kept being shipped off to grandmothers' who fed me up - therefore for me food = love!

But we are adults now and have to look beyond our messed up childhoods and take control.

A shame you were given so much chocolate for xmas - I had a similar issue with biscuits.

Well done you though for your restraint (which I have lacked this xmas). I hope you have enjoyed your daily treat.

Keep up the good work :)


Well done on giving some chocs away. I do that with all the junk now.


What is it about Xmas and food/biscuits/chocolate??? I too asked for none and we've enough to feed an army!!

I've given loads to the staff at a local animal refuge and the rest is going to the people's kitchen tomorrow 😃

It sounds like you've had a bit of a 'lightbulb' moment re your past and that can only help you move on,through and down (Ibs !! )

Enjoy your journey


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I've decided to buy one pack of choccy biscuits next xmas. I know if I buy a tin I'll get given loads but if I buy none I won't get given any either - so 1 packet should sort us out!

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