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Anyone else trying Juicing?


Im planning on doing a seven day juice detox from tomorrow............I have read up on it extensively and my diary tells me I have seven days until I go away on Business next ..........My husband has filled my kitchen with fruit and veg..................and I am really ready to start 2016 on a positive note.

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What is the point? All you are doing is removing all the good, healthy fibre from the fruit and drinking the sugar laden juice. Far better to eat the whole fruit (or vegetable ) thus obtaining the full nutritional benefits of the food.

Sorry if this is not what you want to hear as you have obviously purchased a nice new juicer but you would benefit more by eating the fruit and drinking plenty of water.

Juicing = no fibre, plenty of sugar. Conclusion : deadly.

The sugar will give you a high and then you will need more and more and more because sugar is addictive. It takes a few weeks for withdrawal symptoms of sugar to pass.

Lock up your juicer and eat your fruits whole if you must, at least you will have some fibre in you.

Doctors are now looking at the excess of fruits and link to diabete 2.

I never have more than three fruits a day. Two is better.

Have to agree matey - juice is so popular- but its really bad for you - you need the fibre that fruit/veg gives. You'll lose weight, no doubt of that ( if you can stick to it) but your poor old kidneys will have a hard task processing all that juice and you will probably get constipated. You def be STARVING HUNGRY!

Lovely juicer...keep it for when you have guests, and join the nhs 12 wk plan instead x

Ummmm..........perhaps I should say that I am inspired after seeing 'Fat Sick and nearly dead'

If you haven't seen it - its on Netflix and you too may find the medically supported facts, (in the film) behind this exercise of interest

No one would want to live like this ever but want to kick start the new year, and try something new - when you feel you have tried everything.

Quite surprised by the lack of support from the community.

nhs2015 in reply to Melc3

It is a shame and sad really that you feel you are not getting support from this forum because of a difference of opinion. This is what this forum is all about. We give our opinion and ideas to help each others.

Perhaps the best for you is to do what you want to do and learn from the experience.

Oh, by the way, did you read "That sugar book" ? Also a program on tv "the truth about sugar" ?

Also don't forget that the sugar industry, the juice industry and the soft drinks industry (multi million dollars industries) are fighting back to get your business. Have you heard about the expert researchers employed by those industries on good retainers to come up with research papers in their favour?

The diet industries are repeat business industries. They make money from your misfortune. Of course you will loose weight but gain it again and start dieting again. $$$$

Just remember that being oversize is not your fault. You are not the bad one. It is the curse of today's lifestyle. It is the good marketing with the abundance of added sugar in everything you buy who makes you what you are.

Don't feel bad because you got different responses to what you had expected. You have taken the first step which is the hardest. My final opinion is : do more research.

I wish you well on your journey.

Hidden in reply to Melc3

Something about the mention of juicing on here that seems to cause upset (so you were very brave indeed to even post of picture of a juicer ;-) ) Personally I enjoy the odd glass of juice - the mean green one is lovely !! I don't appear to have keeled over yet :-)

Melc3 in reply to Hidden

Thank you lucca10, just another two days to go for me, 9lbs lost so far, and I have a feeling that, like you, a green juice is going to feature in my life going forward perhaps replacing one meal a day. I can't wait to return to having a family supper together however.

Hidden in reply to Melc3

Sounds like you've done well with it and enjoyed it, which is the main thing - anything to kickstart a healthy new year ! :-)

How about blitzing a cocktail of veg and less fruit to make a detox smoothie? my daughter kick started her weight loss by detoxing for a few days on juices she bought already done. I wouldn't buy them already made but you could look up what to put in a detox smoothie. I agree that too much fruit is not good because of glucose rush. It is quite scientific how the body burns the glucose.

Its not a case of no support Melc3 but the body has a perfectly adequate detoxing facility - the liver and the kidneys! Juicing is all well and good, tastes nice but as others have said its far bette to eat the fruit and veg whole rather than removing all the fibre. I know there is research to say that detoxing is fine but there's more (I'm sure) about the fact that there's no need for it. Drink more water, exercise and watch your portion sizes, cut back on anything processed (juicing processes the fruit!).

Try doing the NHS plan or follow any other reputable weightloss plan but juicing is something I would never do.


I got a vitamix a few years ago; I do green smoothies which are more veg based than fruit (lots of kale or spinach). I try to limit the fruit for all the reasons people have said. It's all about the sugar I'm afraid. I take them to work; it's really filling and includes all the fibre. Maybe use it as a treat more than the only thing you do?

Hope whatever you do works for you. All the best

ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Melc3,

Your new juicer looks really swish.

I know you've already done some extensive reading about juicing, so you have already researched it and decided it's something you want to do this week. I hope it goes well.

I know that one of the widely raised negatives (as mentioned by several of the respondents to your thread) is that you take out the fibre when you juice.

I was reading about it, and noticed that an American nutritionist (Barr) suggested that:

"So you don't miss out on the fiber, you can add some of the pulp back into the juice or use it in cooking."

The article went on to say:

Barr adds it to muffin batter, or to make broth for cooking soup, rice, and pasta. That's "going the extra step to fortify your meals," she says."

I am assuming Barr is American, as she spells 'fibre' the American way (fiber), but I'm not sure, it's my assumption rather than a fact.

Anyway, you're doing this for a week, and I hope you have a successful week with your goals, and hopefully discover some tasty recipes and mixtures that you could incorporate within your usual eating, once you get back to it after the week is over.

I hope you have a great week, and I hope that 2016 will be a really good year for you.

Happy New Year.

Lowcal :-)

Melc3 in reply to Zest

Thanks Lowcal for your lovely informed response to the approach I am taking for just seven days.

I will indeed be watching the fruit and concentrating on the veg.

Its going to be an interesting ride, and I liked the comment about the pulp. I may and work that back in somewhere, it seems such a shame to put it in the compost.

Perhaps a simple soup might work well.

Thanks again

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Melc3

Hi Mel,

I do love home-made soups - they are really tasty. Hope you enjoy all the things you eat over the next week.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


You asked "Is anyone else trying juicing?" and lots of us have said "No, because we don't feel it helps achieve long term healthy eating and weight loss goals" and have made other suggestions.

There are certainly lots of forums around for hobby dieters but it depends what you are wanting to achieve. This being the forum linked to the NHS Weight Loss Plan, the emphasis is likely to be different (although the hobby dieting urge is powerful so it does feature) Your post shows how exciting it can feel with new kit, new books, DVDs or whatever, cupboards and fridge full of the 'right' stuff, supplements... and I am sure you are not the only one in that position at this time of year especially.

It sounds as though you are understandably anxious to feel you have made a start before you encounter the challenges of being away on business and you are already aware that this is not sustainable longer term (might be fun for a week, might not... certainly doesn't address whatever issues led to you being overweight, perhaps more of a 'holiday'). But that does seem like planning to yo-yo!

I'm still going to be on a 'using up the Christmas leftovers' diet for the rest of January - I may have maintained a healthy weight for several years but I have not got out of the over-ordering habit yet.

Hi MelC3. I am sorry that you don't feel you are getting the support you want on this forum but perhaps the lack of enthusiasm for juicing is telling you something you don't want to hear. I see you are now talking about 'building the pulp' back into your diet somewhere, surely the best way to do that is to just eat the whole fruit ion the first place. I love my fruit and vegetables but I like them to eat not to drink

Of course the choice is yours and if you honestly believe it is a good idea to do it go ahead and good luck

Hi Melc3 and welcome. This debate about juicing has come up on here before - but I don't see why you can't just ask if others are trying it. It seems as if you're approaching this as a sort of kickstart that will help you to subsequently continue to lose weight etc. If so, then I think it's a good thing, and it sounds like you're aware of/open to debates, pros and cons etc and are looking to develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle long term - if I've got this right, then lots of luck with your approach :) However, I think lots of people on here may be anti-juicing, may simply not have considered it, or be anti anything that seems faddy, as it's quite a different approach to the 12 week NHS plan which most of us are following/have followed through this forum. But it's worth asking - there may be other juicers out there, and I hope they feel able to reply despite the strong debate in this thread! :)

Ruth-canal-runner, I am not anti-juicing, a nice glass of freshly juiced orange can make a nice, refreshing start to my breakfast but to consider juicing everything and removing all the fibre is neither sensible or healthy. Our intestines need fibre to function properly and to prevent cancer and other bowel diseases.

Yes I will admit to being against 'faddy' diets having tried nearly every one over the last 50 years and having come to realise the only thing that really works is healthy eating and eating less calories then you burn if you want to lose weight.

The best thing for detoxing is not to eat processed foods and to drink plenty of water.

If people chose to juice everything it is entirely their choice but if someone asks the question they must expect people to give their honest opinion and if that causes a problem I am sorry.

bakersdozen in reply to Annde70

I am so glad to hear one is allowed to have their own fruit juice as I wanted a change and can't buy fruit juices due to sugar. I first understood no smoothies but now you are being very nice to me an allowing me to have y occasional smoothie. :)

Annde70 in reply to bakersdozen

Bakersdozen, I am sorry I don't really understand what you mean? Who is being nice to you?

bakersdozen in reply to Annde70

You Annde. sorry I should use names we all have a name for a reason :)

I first understood no juice and than you clarified and write for time to time one can;

Annde70 in reply to bakersdozen

The government recommendations for our '5 a day' allows one glass of juice a day to be counted towards our 5 a day. Any more glasses still only counts as one. Personally I try to have 2 - 3 pieces of fruit and 3 - 4 different vegetables each day Used to have more fruit and less veg but due to sugar content of some fruits have tried less fruit and more veg.

bakersdozen in reply to Annde70

Thanks for explaining!

I am with you on this Annde.

Instead of juicing, Melc3, how about a lovely winter soup: 1kg of zucchini, 1 onion, 1 400gm can of peeled tomatoes, three chicken stock, water (maybe two cups). Pressure cooker for 5 or 10 minutes, blender, eat two or three serves. I have recipes for cauliflower soup, celery soup. All easy and quick. Ideal when you come home tired and just want a quick meal. My husband has a lot of bread with his soup, then cheese and he is full. I have a full Apple instead if hungry.

bakersdozen in reply to nhs2015

I am coming to you for some yummy soup recipes! :)

nhs2015 in reply to bakersdozen

If I don't feel like cooking, bakersdozen, or am tired, or have indulged and got close or up to or even over my calory limit, or just put on a couple of ounces, I just make a vege soup and have it a few nights in a row. This always sorts me out. It is my magic trick 😀

Sorry if we all came over like a horrid unsupportive lot of "diet prigs" - I did reconsider my reply after posting. Although I do believe juice is bad for the body, i suppose there are other factors i had not thought of. How much weight you want to lose for one, if uts just a few extra lbs gained over a short tine, and mostly you are on a healthy plan, it probably does the trick. But i do think that "short term" is the key, and of course, you are sensibly planning on one week only.

Please don't go away, i for one will be interested in how you get on, and all here are ready to help if you need us long term.

An interesting article.

Hi Melc3 Every single one of us has looked around for ways we could get weight loss going, reduce the aggro of changing our diets and I'll bet there are plenty of folk who've gone for juicing - you can see that there are loads of observations about the way these gadgets concentrate some nutrients at the expense of others. Its really regrettable if it comes across as supportive from some of the contributors here but I think they might have a point and from my experience of the forum (8 Months now) there are only supportive people on here!

When we start our weight loss journeys we have to accept that what we did up until that point was to what our bodies needed. Otherwise we wouldn't have piled on the weight. We all have to learn about the precise nature of what we put into our bodies. learn about it - implement it - adjust to it and watch the results.

We are all of us battling with the media, the food industry who just want to make money out of us.

Good that you've got a load of fresh veg. I'd watch the fruit. Sugar is sugar whatever form it comes in its all the same. Coke has sugar in it so does a strawberry. chemically its impact on the body is equally disastrous.

Freeze the fruit you've got. Use the Veg to make filling low fat meals. Ditch the carbs to.

You need to know what calorie intake will deliver a weight loss of about 1KG a week on a sustainable basis. Mine was 1500 which after a couple of weeks was a steady amount to eat which worked itself into a regular way of eating which has become entirely sustainable. You'll need to do the same.

Getting yourself onto a calorie restricted regime and drinking 2 L of water each day will give you that detox feeling you're after - in this case it will be your insulin and blood sugar stabilising.

Decide how much weight you want lo lose and crack on. You'll need to look at exercise too to make a real difference over time - we've all done it.

Juicing is good if you need to put weight on quickly!!! Calorie restriction, Good hydration, nutrient dense food - freshly made by you is what you need.

Hope you understand how much we want you to succeed ! What happens here is amazing. People like us get their lives sorted out, and make dramatic improvements to our health & Well Being.

Get a grip of your calories! Measure your activity. Repeat! Enjoy! You can do this - you really can but a juicer won't help! Have a look at the latest Jamie Oliver Book for some real inspiration on excellent nutrition which will work long term!

Good Luck Keep Posting Have Fun with it!

On reflection, It's been a really interesting bunch of responses so thank you all for your time.

I have the new Jamie Oliver book, in fact I have probably 1 in ten of the main cookery books printed in the last ten years (a comprehensive book shelving system was central to our new kitchen last year). Food, diets and eating well are a passion of mine, a matter brought in to stark focus last year when my husband was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes.

I cook from scratch all the time, I am fascinated by the amount of sugar hiding in processed food, so avoid when ever I can.

In my 'other life', I actually have an award winning food blog, so meal planning is central to most of my life.

I have done 12 week plan, the couch to 5k, detox, Atkins, weight watchers, Low fat, Slim Fast, last year I even put myself under a nutritionist for 12 weeks to see if there was an specific 'food group' issue, particularly as my mother is celiac and dairy intolerant.

I do totally agree that the weight industry is a multibillion business, which is set up to make you fail...........and perhaps I am a perfect example of being great at dieting but when the job is done I slip back into old habits..........despite all the knowledge I have amassed along the way.

In theory I should be a size 8 stick!

I don't agree that my weight problem isn't my fault is my fault, I eat too much, love wine and don't take enough exercise. I haven't adjusted my eating for my increasing years and the slow down in my metabolism, I also travel a huge amount for work, which makes healthy eating choices more tricky.

I get that the NHS are promoting their 12 week plan, I like the plan but I find it very difficult to stick to.......and on reflection I think my problem is lunch. I carefully plan my breakfast and the family supper (lean meats, lots of veg) but seem to completely fall apart at lunchtimes, frequently resorting to pasta as a quick fix.

This community is "A space for people who need to lose weight to get information, support and motivation". So let me run with the juicing thing, for seven days, and I'll let you know how I get on.

So today's up date is:-


Breakfast - Tomato, Celery and Carrot juice

Lunch - Cucumber, Spinach and apple

But as many had anticipated, I was contemplating eating my left arm by 5pm.

Knowing that the main principal I am looking for is 'Raw' food, at 6pm I constructed a salad made with Juliennes of Beetroot, carrot, fennel, and sprinkled with some walnuts and a few seeds.

Despite having drunk the equivalent of Lake Windermere in Herbal tea and at least two litres of water I had a blinding headache (which I assumed is caffeine withdrawal)

I didn't however go to bed hungry -which was a surprise


Breakfast - Tomato, celery and Carrot Juice (but I added a twist of Black Pepper and a dash of Worcester Sauce)

Lunch - Cucumber, Spinach and Apple, squeeze of Lemon and a little ginger

I feel fine. I haven't really felt hungry all day, but the headache was so bad this morning I had to take something for it.

I am going to stick to the salad again for tea tonight, and I have chicory and avocado to add to the mix as well as a lovely load of fresh herbs.

I did weigh myself this morning and I had lost 1lb yesterday, however we all know how easy that is to do when you have eaten like a pig over Christmas.

I am however watching my fruit content, and concentrating on the again many thanks to you all for your assistance, help and advice

Penel in reply to Melc3

Your headache may also be the result of cutting out all carbohydrates. Perhaps have a Google of "ketosis", the effects of a very low carb diet and how to cope with it.

Perhaps try adding something cooked to your salad, like sweet potato or quinoa, to give you some healthy carbs?

gracie1985 in reply to Melc3

Hey Melc3

I really enjoyed reading that! losing weight is difficult & frustrating - there is so much information out there and January is full of everyone trying to promote their methods of losing weight.

I almost got caught up in the advertising of Joe Wicks the body coach, his lean in 15 cookbook was flashing up everywhere until I ended up in Whsmith battling an inner turmoil of 'to buy or not to buy'

Luckily after reading through some of the recipes where measurements were described as 'a knob of butter or a large splash of water' I decided it wasn't for me.

I am also nervous about type 2 diabetes since it's in my genes.

Instead of juicing, how about using a nutribullet? I just bought myself one and the consistency of the blended mix is really smooth, almost like a juice with nothing removed.

Anyway, good luck with your journey, look forward to reading more about your recipes and progress :-)

Melc3 in reply to gracie1985

Hay Gracie.....Looking forward to seeing how you get on with your Nutribullet......x

nhs2015 in reply to Melc3

Something of interest Melc3 :

a) my sister has type 2 diabetes. She refuses to believe sugar has anything to do with it and goes on her merry way stubbornly destroying her life. She is in a bad state now, can't even go out anymore and her eyesight is now affected. She is eating her way to the grave.

b) a friend was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and changed her diet by removing as much sugar as possible, eating "really" healthy and started on a fitness program. Her type 2 diabetes has now disappeared. Yes, GONE. She is free of it, she has lost weight and is singing her happiness over everyone's roof! So if your husband goes on a "real" healthy diet, he should be able to make it disappear. I say "real" because a clever marketing ploy is to connect a product with "healthy" wording or to shelf it in the "health" section of the supermarket.

c) My gorgeous husband although very fit, has in the last three years gone through a bad patch, 6 mini stokes, and a battle with cancer. One year ago we have made a complete change in our eating habits and lifestyle following the NHS, this forum, analysing advice on the net, books and movies. We are in a fantastic shape, much better than all our friends and acquaintances. Our confidence, our moral, our looks and appreciation of life are tops.

d) in 2000 a friend who had cancer put me on a juicing diet. Actually put a few neighbours as well on a juicing diet. We felt that because she was so sick she had the right information to try to get better. We all bought those shining new juicers and puffed ourselves with pride believing we were the clever ones. We were starting a new life....we were not to be criticised....we knew it all. We got caught by clever marketing with words like "detox" "cleansing", "Road to health". The juicing got us very hype and we thought : ah, it is working, but it was really only a sugar hype with a nasty down unless we took more sugar. In the end, we did not do well at all. Lots of negative symptoms. We gave up, and felt better. My friend was the only one who carried on until her death a couple of years later. Juicing did not help her. The extra sugar consumption, the reduce fibre, and the concentration of herbicide would not have helped......

I read you did the C25K running program. What happen? You should give it a go again. It builds confidence, gives you pleasure and stamina. It changes your body shape. You know, sometimes it is best to go for small goals, easy does it. Slowl and steady. The 12 weeks program does not stop after 12 weeks. When I did it, I kept going for a while longer after my 12 weeks. And now and again I go back to it, just to pull myself into line.

Find out what happen. Draw three columns on an A4 piece of paper, write on the left why you could not do this or that, whatever issues you had that stopped you for doing it or carrying on. In the middle column, write a solution to each issue. Then Use the right column to write the benefit of solving each issues.

Take care of yourself and your husband. The idea is you want many years to enjoy life together. Life is precious. Appreciate it, enjoy it, get the full benefit of it. Allow yourself time to live. Look at the positive of things, forget the negatives, it is not your problem. Think of the many friends you may have, sitting on the clouds in their afterlife, watching you.

Hay NHS2015, thanks for your long note - interesting read...

My Husband has taken his Diabetes seriously - but he's slipped over Christmas....

He wants to get off the drugs if at all possible as they make him feel terrible

I have seen other accounts of people who have cured themselves.........his achilles heel is Bread and he knows he shouldn't eat it so

- I am now batch cooking spelt bread with lots of slow release carbs to keep him of the rubbish stuff

- I have put him and my daughter on a mainly vegetarian diet...well I do all the cooking so they have no choice in the matter (they have Harissa Roasted Aubergine with Brown rice tonight)

My daughter is now having a vegetable juice instead of a snack when she gets home from school (her favourite is carrot beetroot and ginger)

As for me - at the start of day four of my seven day detox I have lost seven pounds. Its unsustainable, but I feel fine, and not really hungry, I am hankering after Cheese but Ill cope. I still have three days to go and I doubt the next seven will come off as readily!

In answer to your question, I stopped C25K after running on cobbles and ruining my knees - not sure I am ever going to make it back - but hay, if I can loose 40 more lbs then there will be less pressure on my joints and who knows what I can achieve!

nhs2015 in reply to Melc3

I enjoyed your positive post Melc3. That is what life is all about.

Cauliflower rice is a great dish. I have it with curry or satay sauce. Love it. Cheers

Melc3 in reply to nhs2015

Ooh yes, love cauliflower rice.........funny the things which you forget about over time which are fab.

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Melc3

Hi Melc3,

I was just reading your post, and wondered if you have a recipe for the Spelt bread you're cooking? It sounds delicious.

Really good that you're feeling good whilst doing your 7 day detox - and that you're not really feeling hungry.

Hope the second half of the week goes well. It was great to see you in our Monday group weigh-in, and good luck for next week's weigh-in.

Lowcal :-)

Fran1827161lb in reply to Zest

Sorry to jump in the middle of this, but I noticed Melc3 said above she has the new Jamie Oliver book. I have this as well and I've baked his rye soda bread which was easy and delicious, and also lower GI than standard wholewheat. It's a really good book Lowcal, and it's cheaper now than when my son bought it for my birthday in October ☀️

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Fran182716

Hi Fran,

Thanks for jumping in, as that is really useful info - and I've heard a few people talking about his book, so I think I'll have to take a look.

Thanks so much for the recommendation re: the rye soda bread. It's good to know it was easy and delicious, as I like that combination!

Your son was very thoughtful to buy it for your Birthday! :-)

Thanks again,

Lowcal :-)

I have just taken a photo of the recipe but I cant up load it as a reply so Ill put it on as fresh post

ZestHealthy BMI in reply to Melc3

Oh Mel - I really appreciate that, and I know other people will too - many thanks!!! I'll look out for your post, and thanks for taking the time to do that. :-)

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