I am determined to make life style changes and not to think of myself as being on a diet. The word diet equals punishment in my mind so I'm defeated before I begin. I am opting for an adventure, challenging myself to eat more interesting food, maybe change the times when I eat, and to also try food from other cultures. I want it to be fun. I'm going to laugh this weight off. Can I have your crazy ideas, your weird food choices.


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12 Replies

  • Hi Vintage,

    I'll have to give it some thought.

    Sounds like you're looking forward to those culinary adventures. Let us know what combinations you particularly enjoy.

    Happy New Year.

    Lowcal :-)

  • You bet.

  • Hi, happy new year, 🎉🎈🎉

    Wow you sound ready for this, im loving your enthusiasm 😀 . It might not be for everyone but I love Indian food, no not greasy takeaways, proper home cooked meals.

    Spices can be bought for next to nothing if you have a local Asian store or market.

    There are lots of low cal low fat options eg: lentils (Dahl) veggie curries and tomato based curries. Ok if you eat them with rice and or naan your not going to loose weight but I find if I have lots of flavour, through the spices, I can eat less but enjoy it more, hope this helps. Also look at spicing up chicken breast with Cajun spices and enjoying it with salad and a couple of new potatoes. Enjoy finding new recipes, the Internet is great for that, but most of all enjoy your journey to a new you😀

  • Thank you. I probably wouldn't have thought of Indian food. I love curry and used to make a vegetarian one years ago.You're right, more veg. less rice, it could be done. You are making me hungry. I'm also interested in making soup, broth based. I think that might be a good breakfast if made ahead of time.

  • Good idea👍 I don't often eat " proper breakfast". Porridge doesn't do it for me😆

  • Nothing wrong with porridge, love it with plenty of fresh fruit added, particular favourites are fresh apricots chopped into it or British Strawberries. A good breakfast is the perfect start to a healthy eating lifestyle change. Doesn't have to be porridge or any other form of cereal. Eggs, boiled, poached, omelette or scrambled. Full English, Toast, Fresh fruit and yogurt, the choices are endless. One of my favourites when I have time is a piece of poached smoked haddock served on a bed of spinach topped with a poached egg. Don't knock breakfasts.

  • Porridge = oatmeal? If that is true , have you tried crock pot oatmeal? It cooks overnight. In the morning your house smells lovely and breakfast is ready.

  • Welcome and good luck with your food journey.

    How about choosing a different food from a different country once a week?

  • I like that idea. My husband is going to be in turmoil, but it'll be good for him.

  • I've got in the habit of buying different fruit and veg I haven't tried before /had for ages. At the moment I've got pink grapefruit which I haven't had for years, and some beetroot which I plan to roast in the oven, just put them in whole and peel afterwards. This definitely keeps it interesting. The spices suggestion is good too :)

  • I don't take advantage of all the choices there are in grocery stores, but I plan to start. I'ts going to be a challenge because I don't want to break my food budget.

  • I know those food budget fears well - I was also nervous about 'diet food' being more than I could afford. But if you find tasty and healthy ways to cook simple veg from scratch it's not expensive and it keeps things interesting. I've found a fruit and veg shop that was cheaper and better quality than tesco and now go there regularly - do you have anywhere like this near you? I can get a bag full of tasty fruit and veg for only a few pounds there, rarely more than £5 and it lasts for weeks because I freeze a lot of the soups, curries, batches of roast veg etc, and it's all really good quality, and I only get what I want (instead of buying big packs to get a deal etc) and it means I can afford to try different things :)

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