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Second buzzards got his freedom !

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How good am I ? Xmas and i lost half a pound, opened the cage and out he went !

Pretty pleased with myself ( congratulations will be in order) but really, its probably because we had my sons new girlfriend at Xmas, and a fat gorging mother wouldn't have been a good introduction to the family..

Today and tomorrow will be a struggle I think. All rellys gone home, just me and daughter here to clear up the mess (aka crisps, mince pies etc)

I will be pleased if I maintain next weigh in, but for all of us its a new year new start, and we WILL do this together.


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ZestHealthy BMI

Happy New Year Libby, and Congratulations on losing weight over Christmas - that is fantastic!!! Hope you had a lovely time, and hope you enjoy today and tomorrow.

Lowcal :-)

Very well done...I fell off the wagon and put on quite a bit over Christmas so you are doing amazingly well to have lost at this tricky time of year, wtg!

We'll all get it off in the new year 😊

ShellieLRestart Sept 2019

Well done hun. A Happy New Year to you too. 😊

You too - thanks !! 😊

Hi libby'buzzard'daniels,

You are so right to feel really pleased with yourself, you've worked hard so bin the mess !!!

Best wishes for 2016


Haha thank you !

Aqua_marineRestart Nov 2019

Well done. No one likes to see a bird in cage.

Or the fat on my behind πŸ˜ƒ x


Bye, bye, buzzard, buzzard, bye, bye........................:)

WTG Libby! Fantastic news! :)

Here's to 2016 seeing all of your buzzards getting their freedom :)

You too moreless ! We can do this is 2016 !

in reply to libbydaniels88

Absolutely! :)

Jalapenolover101Restart Jan 2020

Well done!!! I love the thought of birds escaping the cage and regaining freedomπŸ˜€. When i first read your posts regarding buzzards it really inspired me, it puts a different slant on it, thanks for that and happy new yearπŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ

Thank you ! Yes its great to be able to cross one off - I've got the chart I made on my bedroom wall.

Looking forward to releasing more in the new year πŸ˜ƒ

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