I am half way through this weeks 6 x13 hour nightshifts and feeling pretty whacked already!! Totally underestimated the sheer volume of work and stamina required for non-term time, which is silly as I have been in the same job now for nearly 5 years.

The dog has gone from having his paws walked off to doing a 'speedwalked' 3k each evening before I go to work, tonight will be no exception. All the decorations and tree are now neatly packed away and the house cleaned, though not as thoroughly as I would normally have done. I did all this yesterday when I got in from work and before I went to bed, so resulting in even less 'between shift' sleep than normal - hence the feeling whacked after only 3 shifts. I really have to remind myself that I am in my late 40's and not my 20's and as such the old bag of bones needs a bit more TLC.

I plan on weighing myself tomorrow morning so as to start 2016 off in a positive way and wiping the slate clean from all efforts and more to the point, misdemeanours. I will post my weight, then only post the weight on the 1st of every month. I am tweaking strategies, etc.. and looking over my pitfalls/failings and successes to see what worked and what didn't. As rough a time as it has been of late, piling back on the weight I lost was painful - and very, very silly. Life will always have highs and lows, learning to cope without the use of food/drink as a crutch is imperative. Highs and lows are not a reason for over consuming, they are an excuse, a very silly and destructive excuse. I don't do New Year resolutions, they have a habit of becoming like a yoke around ones conscience and bringing down the positiveness and freshness of a brand new year in ones life. Instead I hope to discover and rediscover life and living through thought and deed in as positive a way as I am able.

Todays menu. Poached egg, mushrooms and tomatoes for 'brunch', vege chilli and garlic bread for dinner, and a portion of leftover vege hotpot to take with me to work tonight.

P.S. The pic of Alfie is how I am feeling right now - whacked, but content.


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  • Lunch sounds good. You sound pretty good. Love Alfie. Have a good weekend πŸ˜ƒ

  • I feel, surprisingly, happy and content Aqua. I am looking forward to 10am Sunday morning when I finish my shifts and am planning a day of relaxation. Weather permitting, on Monday Alfie and I are going on a hike to make up for the shorter walks this week. I have a route planned already, picnic planned ( for us both, lol) and am looking forward to it - 21 miles (34km) round trip!!! Should blow away a few cobwebs, lol.

    Have a great week yourself hunny 😊

  • Shellie you sound amazing just sailing through life even though it has down fantastic! I can learn a lot from you. :)

    Lunch sounds yumm poached egg my favourite or scrambled egg with butter and grated cheese.

  • Simple foods are often the most appealing I find, I love eggs in cooked any way. The plan for leftover hotpot for work has changed, a pan of leek and potato soup has just been made in the soup maker bought for me for christmas, so that will be taken in a small flask instead. I should be asleep still, but after going off into a deep sleep for just over an hour I find myself wide awake, so I got up. I will try for another couple of hours later, if not by 2am I will be pushing my charges out of their beds and getting in myself I think, lol.

    Have a great New Year 😊

  • Thanks for telling me about leek and potatoes soup. What happened to me I never used to touch soup and I love them. :) I just made barley with carrots and potatoes. Yum!

    You are all making me keep this new healthy eating for good and I will be pain free plus healthier, skinnier! You are all so nice!Thanks! :)

  • 2 leeks, 1 big potato, 1 veg or chicken stock cube and 1/4tsp of dried tarragon. If done in a soup maker, cold water to minimum level n cook on smooth. Ready to pour 21 minutes later. If done in a pan on stove, 1 litre cold water, simmer for half hour and then blend until smooth. Yum. 😊

  • Thanks! It sounds yumm! :)

  • Hi Shellie,

    Good luck with your weigh-in tomorrow, and also hope you enjoy today and have some much needed rest and recuperation before your shift tonight.

    Lovely picture of Alfie.

    Happy New Year to you!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks lowcal. Sleep is evading me today, worse luck, but hey ho I'll try for a couple of hours before going back to work tonight. Have a fab 2016 hun. 😊

  • Take care honeybun, and very best wishes for 2016.

    Do like your positive thoughts on the coming new year, I too don't do resolutions but do like to set goals with a back up 'to do list', still working my way though the final list!! πŸ˜ƒ

    Woof woof to Alfie 🐾🐾( when he wakes lol)


  • I will flossie, though sleep is evading me again at the minute. I am going to try and get another couple of hours before going to work later. My daughter went for a run earlier and took Alfie with her ( shock!!!) so I can forego his walk without feeling too guilty. I have just made a batch of leek and potato soup in my fancy new soup maker so that is coming to work with me instead of the hotpot. I always thought soup makers were a bit of a waste of money, but wow was I wrong, total convert.

    Hope 2016 is a super year for you. 😊

  • I have to say, I find your energy and enthusiasm amazing given how tired you must be. I hope I can find even half of that kind of energy this year because you are inspiring. I feel tired just reading about it all! Happy New Year to you and good luck for your weigh in tomorrow. :-)

  • Thanks WW. I am one of those rare ( foolish) people who seem to 'come alive' when tired!! Whilst my colleagues are flagging by 7am, I am full of beans - much to their collective disgust. I will flag around 2am and struggle for a couple of hours, then 'ping' my batteries return to full charge and off I go, lol. Even when my poor old bones are begging for mercy, my mind is whirring like a loon.

    Happy New Year to you hunny, have a fan-tab-u-lous 2016 😊

  • I have soup for lunch everyday during the week. It is a reliable nuticious Lowcal meal.

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