The Next Project

The Next Project


Inspired by Aqua's post yesterday I thought I show you all the dress I got today in the sales.

It is a teeny weeny size 18 - I am currently a 22/24 in Next. I have tried it on and I can squeeze into it but it is far from flattering ;) I bought a size 20 in Next yesterday which fits a little better but is still a bit too small.

If my waist would shrink I'd be a 22 but it is stuck at a 24 having only shrunk by a few cms since I started this and was a size 28 - 32 (at that stage my waist was about a size 26 - much smaller than the rest of me).

I like to buy clothes about 2 sizes too small to slim into them so this is my new project. Let's see how long it takes me to get into it :)

BTW I have tried every which way to post the photo up the right way but it isn't behaving!


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57 Replies

  • Hi Sueper,

    That's a great project, and a lovely dress. Here's to you enjoying wearing it very soon! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • I walked into a designer menswear shop looking at trousers. I'm currently between 34 and 36 inch waist and declined to make any purchase because I was unsure of what size I would be in a month or so's time. I just wish I had your level of confidence :)

    Well done :)

  • Thanks Tewson - I did the same when I was heading to a size 24 and it worked so fingers crossed it works again.

    Maybe you should risk it, try them on once a week until they fit :) The only issue is how fast you slim out of things as you can waste too much money so I tend to stick with sale items.

  • A new shirt in the sales woukd be nice though Tewson. You deserve a reward and there are some nice men's shirts out there this season.

  • The same problem I'm afraid :) My collar size has gone from 18" to around 16.5" and I've gone from loose fit to tailored. The size I will end up with is slim, hopefully. :) What I've got to learn, is to be more patient :)

    I shall though, go looking for some nice shoes :)

  • Hi Sueper,

    What a fab project, you will do it, I know it 😃 What is your plan ? When I do this I try it on at the end of every month till it fits !

    I once got mr F to take photos but that turned out to be a no no ! Eek it was scary and that was from the back !!!! Lol.

    I don't know about you but I feel all fired up and so looking forward to the new year and I think it's the continued support and challenges from the gang, amazing.

    For the first time since retiring from work I feel I have a purpose( hope that doesn't sound a bit saddo!!)

    I'm currently reviewing my goals for 2016 but feel so inspired and determined, maybe I need to buy something Gorgous and tiny as an incentive???


  • Hi Flossie, it is the sales so I say go for it :)

    I too feel re-newed vigour for the new year and the dress helps :)

    My hubby bought me a tee shirt for xmas which is too small (we knew that) I can fit in it but it looks awful it's so tight. I am going to get him to take a photo of me now so hopefully when it fits better I can really see the difference.

    I know what you mean about the photos but it is all about looking back and being able to see what process you have made.

    I have a little supply of too small clothes which I try on with every 1/2 stone I lose - hopefully I'll get into the dress within 2 stone so a while to go yet.

    I am reviewing my goals too, need to move on from 2015.


  • You spurred me to work really hard in the gym Sueper. It made me feel happy that you had a new frock too.

  • Glad I inspired you :) I've been a bit lazy today but did a big walk yesterday and got another planned tomorrow.

  • Hi Sueper,

    You've really have had me thinking about a project, and I think I've found one !!!.

    In the back of a wardrobe in one of the spare bedrooms( I do spread out a lot ) I've unearthed a skirt I bought in about 1989/1990, it is bronze lace with a black underskirt and bought from Etams!!! ( used to love that shop).

    I have never worn it since and I've kept it with the hope of getting back into it !! yes it's been a long dream lol

    So, instead of buying something the skirt is going to be my goal !!

    The label says a size 16, but the waist measures 15 inches across and the hips are 18 inches, I'm currently a size 14/16 and the skirt goes no where near so sizes must have gotten bigger !!!!. It does look small !!! Hope I'm not setting myself too hard a task but we'll see🤔


  • Wow it sounds like the sizes are way out but you maybe right that they are now bigger :(

    I am sure you will get into it, just keep trying it on.

    I am glad you've founds something to aim towards it's not just what they scales say that counts :)

  • Thanks Sueper,

    I've taken a photo( of the skirt! Not me in it lol) but still figuring how to post it !!


  • Will be good to see it if you can figure it out. No idea how to post the right way though. I rotated mine every which way but it didn't work!

    If you need help let me know and I'll try to assist :)

  • Your dress looks lovely, gorgeous shades of purple. When my trousers start getting loose I buy some pairs of the next size down and store them away, otherwise I worry I'll start eating too much because of the feeling that my trousers keep starting to slip down and I have to keep pulling them up. Then when I switch over to the lower waist size I use the old ones for gardening/outside maintenance jobs in. I started at 38 inches, then went down to 36 inch, and now am 34 inch, and getting to the point where I'm thinking of buying some pairs of 32 inch trousers to store away. The 36 inchers are currently my gardening trousers and I've slung out the 38 inchers.

  • Thanks Edmund and well done on your progress too. Feels good but scary throwing out the bigger stuff doesn't it? Maybe it is time for a shopping trip - it is the sales after all :)

  • Love the colours. It will be getting its first airing soon. You will look fab. This is is so exciting.

  • Love this dress, it WILL be yours, with long necklaces and strappy sandals to complete the look. I hope your waist starts playing ball asap. Have you tried any exercises that focus on developing core strength, to try and get some of your waist inches or even cms to shift? Couch to 5k made the big difference for me in reducing my waist but I know other exercises would have a similar effect, and I don't think you're ready to do c25k ... yet? ;)

  • Thanks Ruth. Still not ready for c25k yet I think I need to shift a few more stone first.

    I am struggling to get motivated to do other exercises. I have a kettlebell now but a bit scared of it. I can't seem to find any really gentle simple exercises to follow.

  • I find the ones without weights still effective, very human to be afraid of your kettle bell! I haven't managed to properly use my hand weights either, they're gathering dust under the bed! Look round the NHS livewell pages. The exercises for lower back pain are actually really good for general core strength, and even the stretching routines are good... Start small, maybe 5 repetitions to start and gradually work up

  • Thanks Ruth. Rain forecast for tomorrow so I will do something exercise wise :)

  • Sueper, your dress is beautiful, I love those colours :)

    I have the urge to try on everything in my wardrobe again and see if anything else fits now :)

    My waist isn't co-operating either and I'm now in a very strange situation, where my hips and waist are the same size! I'm trying some core strengthening exercises that Ruth mentioned and using the kettlebell - watch this space :)

    Can't wait to see the pic of you wearing the dress Sueper :)

  • Thanks moreless - I would definitely try those clothes on sometimes only a couple of lbs make all the difference and I hear you have dropped a couple more lately :)

    Let me know about the kettlebell I am a bit lost.

  • I have to be careful, because sometimes I get a bit carried away and imagine myself smaller than I actually am and then I get depressed when the clothes don't fit :)

    I'll keep you posted about the exercises, though I have had to modify some of them, as I'm not able to kneel, which is a bit of a pest.

  • I think I am the opposite - I pick things up and can't believe I can get into them as they look so small.

    Why not take your measurements and go online to see what size you are.

    I just don't know why our waists are being so mean :(

    I'm too scared to kneel because I have quite fat knees still and I need to keep pressure off them - I worry they'll explode! I think that is a bit extreme but would prefer the avoid this!

  • I've done the online measurement thing and it's reeeeally depressing. It doesn't actually work either. I think my fat squidges itself around and manages to fit into things that on paper it shouldn't, if you see what I mean? :) I have also trained myself to hold my belly in, so the fat goes somewhere else, not absolutely sure where! :)

    I also have very fat, seemingly poppable knees and kneeling is absolutely excruciating! It means I can't do that exercise where you go on all fours and sort of cock your leg like a dog, or cheats press-ups done from a kneeling position :) It's also a struggle to get up from the floor, so I do my exercises on the bed :)

    Reading back over this, I wonder if I'm actually exercising at all! :D

  • Exercising on the bed sounds fine to me, whatever works :)

  • Ruth!!! :o

  • Yep I realised how that sounded far far too late! But what you get up to on your bed is your business moreless :)

  • LOL! I won't be posting about any high jinx performed in my bed, unless it reduces my waist by several inches :D

  • No need to post, we'll just make our own assumptions when you report those lost inches ;)

  • hahahahaha I can't wait to report lost inches now, just for the shock effect :D

  • That really made me laugh ;)

    I am the opposite to you I think as I am quite large framed too so some fat (a lot) and some is big bones (honest) so often means I am larger than I think but things are a changing.

    Hopefully this weight loss malarkey will help with the fat knees too :)

  • I think you're heaps taller than me too.

    Be careful how you report inches lost off your knees though! :D

  • Not sure - I was really tall at 11 years old - 5'5" sadly I stopped growing then (upwards at least) :(

    I haven't actually measured my knees, maybe I should. I have measured my calves and fankle (fat ankle) and they have shrunk.

    Who knew the people on this forum could be so naughty ;)

  • Oh no, you're not taller than me, I can't think where I got that idea from. I'm just taller at 5ft 6".

    You should definitely measure your knees, because both of mine have reduced in size, the left by an inch and the right by 1/4".

    All of my left leg has shrunk more, because it used to be really swollen, but the cycling sorted that out for me.

    I've almost lost as many inches off my left knee as my waist, which is only an inch more! :D

    I blame it all on Ruth :D :D :D

  • I've lost about the same off each calf as my waist - mad isn't it!

    I think Ruth is a good influence :)

  • There must be a reason for our stubborn waists, but goodness knows what it is!

    Good??!! ;)

  • It is frustrating as I now have a less healthy body shape than I did before losing 4+ stone - which is just wrong :(

    I am not discouraged though as I was severely bottom heavy, in more ways than one, and at least now I can wear regular fitting trousers and not pear shape or wide legs.

    I am confident that next year the belly will shrink as will the waist - well they bloody well better!

  • I'm the same and it's a little disconcerting considering the health risks, but thinking logically, we must be healthier now than we were when we started.

    I've always been a rectangle, it's just more blob shaped now :)

    They have to shrink, just by the law of averages, otherwise we're going to have our own freak show and earn a mint. The Bodacious Bubble Belly Babes :D

  • We could paint ourselves like that Homer Simpson pic that is going around facebook!

  • Oh I don't know that, I don't do facebook :)

  • Love the idea of buying something in sale to aim to wear - brilliant way of keeping motivated. I'm heading into town with my girls tomorrow may look for something myself - if I can convince myself to spend some money on something that doesn't fit!

  • I know what you mean Tinkle - just get something cheap :)

  • Hi, that made me giggle😃 I find some exercises really difficult too. I can't do any that require laying down as I suffer from vertigo, that's my excuse anyway, and I'm sticking to it😆

  • Hello Jalapenolover, I haven't seen you around for ages :)

    Do you do any vertical exercise, walking, running, cycling etc? If you do, you might like to join us on our Around the World challenge :)

  • Lol at vertical exercise.

  • It's funny how a picture of a dress could have become so risqué :)

  • Oh my word, that sounded sooo wrong! The message I was replying to was the one about knees etc!!! I got distracted before pressing , reply, then read back!!!!! I nearly fell off my chair laughing😂😂😂

  • It's ok, this is the thread for double entendres :D

  • Hi, I do indeed do vertical exercises and I've been reading about your around the world challenge, I nearly joined up last night. Go on then, you've talked me into it, about time I committed to something, I'm in!

    I might not have posted for a while but I've still been reading and getting much needed encouragement, thank you, you lovely lot x

  • I'm so pleased to see you out and about on the forum :)

  • Moreless, all signed up. Thanks for the motivation and by the way gorgeous dress, you'll be in it in no time with your willpower x

  • Woohoo! You know it makes sense :D

  • That is a very pretty dress and a great incentive - you have done really well and will be wearing the dress with pride very soon!

  • It's-a-lovely-dress-and-you-are-going-to-look-beautiful-wearing-such-a-lovely-dress-sueper



  • Thanks Trafford. I'm glad it's not just me who buys smaller stuff to slim in too, it seems to work for us both. Good luck with getting into the size 8 :)

  • LOVE that dress...there's motivation if ever I saw it! Good luck, I'm sure you'll be modelling it in no time at all :-)

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