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My journey so far

Well as off for a few days over Xmas, and while kids glued to new Xbox , thought would share a little bit about my journey and experiences from the last 6 months as may help others.

I am a middle aged guy who has allways been overweight for the last 30 years, and have ignored doing anything about it and pushed aside all thoughts on health or mortality , citing pressure of work and busy family life etc as excuses.

mY wake up call came with the break up of my marriage in the summer. I took time in the midst of all the emotional paint that ensued, to reflect on myself and my body/lifestyle and decided that I was going to invent a new me and focus on this as a coping mechanism.

My first target was to achieve a healthy weight using the NHS BMI calculator . To achieve this I used an excel spreadsheet linked to a simple line graph to plot my weight every 3 days and extrapolated my planned weight loss into the future to target based on 2lbs a week loss. This was pinned on the wall and used to motivate me, as could see how I was doing against a theoretical target. Upshot of this was I managed to lose 50lb in 6 months to meet my BMI target. Downside was I went too far in the first month and made myself ill by reducing calorie in take too far... I also decided in midst of all this to stop smoking after a 30 year 40 a day habit just to add some more misery !!

Have also started an extensive gym routine which have never done before and am starting to feel much fitter and developing a body am actually comfortable with when undressed.

Upshot of all this is that I have managed to do something I never thought I could or would and will end up a different person. If I can do it, believe me anyone can.

Are so many inspiring stories on here of life changes just thought would post my little tale.

Good luck to all. If any interest will post more

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Hi Dailygrind,

So sorry to hear about your marriage break-up but well done you for using it as a time to take stock and re-invest yourself. Turning a negative into a positive is always a struggle.

Losing weight, giving up smoking and joining the gym is pretty impressive in one year and well done for your huge loss.

You are right there are so many inspirational stories here and it is great to hear from people who have lost weight whilst also dealing with other issues.

I hope you enjoy the new you are that the New Year brings you everything you wish for :)

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Well done. It is an inspiring story. There are a lot of great stories on here.

Well done the smoking too that I think is painful from what I have seen.

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What a fabulously motivating story Dailygrind :)

I'm so sorry it came on the back of a personal tragedy, but it just shows what we're capable of when we really put our minds to it.

I too decided to quit the cigs at the same time, but I'm actually really pleased that I did, because not being able to use either food or fags as a crutch, meant I had to stand on my own two feet :)

I have a long way still to go before my journey's complete, but hearing success stories, such as yours, is a great motivator. Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

I personally would love to hear more from you :)

Here's to 2016 bringing health and happiness to us all :)


An inspiring read. You most certainly are a person of determination, who has the ability to chart their own course and build a better future.

Thank you for sharing :)


Hi dailygrind,

What an honest, inspirational and motivating post, and more so that you are in a much better place both physically and mentally 😃

It is so easy to look back and think wish/had/did, but the reality is it is easy to put ourselves last till a life event happens and then suddenly the reality of our situation hits home and motivates us to change and change for US 😃

I have been thinking of recording next years wgt loss in graph form, but it's a pencil/paper job for me ! Lol, you've inspired me !😃

Here's to a fab 2016 for you.


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Hi Dailygrind,

Your post is really inspiring, and you've done so well this year, despite some challenging circumstances. Really well done, and really glad that you are feeling good as the year comes to a close - here's to a great year ahead for you and hopefully some lovely things to come.

Lowcal :-)


What an inspiration! To take control after a personal tragedy and succeed in losing weight at the same time as giving up smoking is extremely impressive - well done!

Here's hoping that 2016 brings you more successes and happiness.


Wow thanks so much for sharing your story! So inspiring! You are so right we are given challenges and we just have to turn them into the positive and not negative and in the end we will gain not loose out. You are a much healthier person.

Lets hear more.


Oh my word what an inspiration you are.. we all have things in our lives that effect us in many different guises.... I lost my mother in Feb. 15 and started to binge eat or comfort eat what ever you like to call it... then like you I decided to quit smoking, great move health wise but weight wise uhuh uhuh .. that's why I am on here and I am so glad I joined. with so many dedicated and helpful caring people helping us along our slow but worthy journey to health fitness and happiness its just fab.... good luck and keep going.


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