Keeping it calm

Well I have been binge eating for the past week which is a shame. I don't control myself in a house stuffed full of sugar. I did some decent exercise today ( 30mins high intensity circuits) which helped me feel calmer. The sugar cycle is really messing with my motivation to do things, my sleep pattern, my emotions even.

My aim for tomorrow is simple: just eat normal food. No high sugar/ high fat junk food. I'm going to have to nip to the shops to replace the junk food I ate. I will treat myself to some nice fresh veggies while I'm there.

Healthy shopping list:

Spring onion, aubergine, courgette, spring greens, chicken breast.

I hope you all had lovely christmasses and managed to cope with the influx of mince pies better than me.

Here's to 2016


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12 Replies

  • Why do you need to replace the junk food? If its not there you can't eat it.

  • As I understood it it was to replace the junk food with healthy food - not more junk 😊

  • Not sure, it reads ambiguously to me, but hope you are correct.

  • My understanding was the same as your sequinnedsinger, replacing the junk foods with healthy ones

  • I find it impossible to resist junk food and I live alone so I sympathise if you are living in a household full of normal Christmas goodies. I got given some lovely granola for a gift and can't stop snacking on it! Luckily the holiday binging season is nearly over now and all that sugar should disappear from the kitchen cupboards. Could you try going sugar free for a month? That is what I intend to do, after a month I think it will taste disgusting anyway. If you give up all processed and refined foods including sugar, white bread pasta etc it is amazing how much more energy you will have.

    Good luck, and Happy New Year!

  • You definitely sound in the right spirit!! Don't dwell on whats done. So much good can be done today and tomorrow.....

  • I sympathise. My house is full of sweet things. My family have go today so I will clear the house and then it's back to normal. Don't dwell on what you ate. Xmas is a time when most people eat much much more than normal. Chuck out any remaining junk or give it away then start eating healthily with a house full of healthier options. Good luck

  • I have also been bingng for the last 4 days, feeling bloated and uncomfortable so back on plan today, no more snacking and no more unhealthy foods and drink and back to exercising. Let's get back to it Claude 1234. We can do this 😜

  • Just make your mind up to give away anything with sugar in it. I had just one piece of pudding and one slice of cake, this really messed me up ,couldn't sleep all night and had cravings for first time in 7 weeks, but back on track now and just know it wont work if I have sugar or much carbohydrate as that breaks down to glucose. you will soon feel great again with all your veggies and healthy food good luck

  • I ate the last of the Christmas chocolate (white chocolate) last night and now only have healthy food left in the house. I've put on three pounds over Christmas week. Hopefully eating healthy and getting plenty of walks will get rid of it.

  • Hi Claude,

    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year, and enjoy your healthier foods - I like the sound of your shopping list.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Christmas and the New Year is difficult for me as I have a very sweet tooth and happy to raise a glass whenever possible.

    Speaking from experience I find that once I return to my normal routine and portions things settle down and I return to my normal weight. OK I have to jolly it along a bit by walking more and being more careful portion wise.

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