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please tell me how 2 loss weight

my age 27 my weight 62.2 my height 5.5 i have a tummy how 2 loss my tummy m weight will u please advice me every day i should weak atleast 5 kilometer my diet plan is 2 egg white with slim milky,in afternoon 2 pulkas with some curry and at eve my dinner time is 6 clock with 2 pulkas with any curry,after words if i feel hungry i should eat any fruits like pine apple r watermelon,papaya at 9 clock i should sleep at 11:30 pm due to some issue n i should getup at 7:30 am dis is my daily things n diet plan

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Hi Harikakranthi,

I've entered your details into the NHS BMI calculator and you're a healthy weight with a healthy BMI. May I suggest that you don't really need to lose much weight, just do some toning up.

You'll be able to find lots of exercises online designed to target the abdomen, whereas weight loss is general and unable to target specific areas.

I wish you all the best in your quest for a toned tum and hope you have a very happy new year :)


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