I'm shamefully back

After beening so motivate a couple of months ago I have well and truly fallen off the wagon! ive put half the weight I lost back on! How do you stay motivated I lack it so much! My situation at the moment isn't the best and I think I stress eat / boredom eat. But then I also drink way to much on the weekends. I'm planning to stop drinking though after New Years but I'm worried I'll crack after a few bumps! Please help


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  • Well I know it is not easy but you need to have will power. Set your mind and just go to the gym. Think of your health and how much damage it can do to you. I see it everyday at work. I am a nurse. Eating because you are board is not good. It could be depression or you could be worried about something.

  • Hi,

    Have you thought about doing dry January? Lots of people do after overdoing it at xmas.

    I find the best way to stay on track is to give myself the odd time off such as holidays and xmas. Obviously you will gain a little and have the get right back on it the day your holiday is over but it really helps me. I know for others as soon as they slip the journey is over so it really depends on what you feel works for you.

    Another thing |I do, is even if I am have a little break I still check in here as much as possible as that keep me motivated to carry on.

    Good luck :)

  • I haven't herd of dry January before but I'm going to research it now! Thank you

  • Do it for your health. Boredom find something that you enjoy doing such as knitting or courses ... I also used to eat for comfort and now I have stopped and am loosing weight I eat much healthier as it is jut damaging my healthy i don't want to kick the bucket life is so precious and enjoyable. I looked at myself undress in the mirror and I hated myself. I am so fat and now I look at myself and I am getting slimmer and feel healthier, fitter. You can do it ! There are s many people here who have lost tons of weight and now maintain it and they are much happier. Just keep telling yourself I am going to loose weight now and you will see how it works wonders.

    I hope I have helped you! Keep coming back for the motivation.

    Their is a Monday weekly weigh in group which is so supportive and might keep you on track!

    Good luck!

  • Thank you! I think reaching out to people is deffaintly a positive thing and I need to do it more! This site has seemed to help lots of people hopefully I can be one of them!

  • Iam the same as yr self l eat crap when lam down and depressed .just gets me down all the Time l have tried lots diets have you tried the secret diet drops on line on Facebook they work but expensive like .£9.99 that dose you seven days then the two week ones are £35.00but l would try the £9.pound ones plus lam with a group on face book that sells acie deram not bad prices what is yr name lam Jane in Scotland looking to make new friends to do diet with .merry Christmas b

  • Hey Jane! I'm not sure I want to take pills I'd like to do it healthy as you just don't know what effects those have on your body! My names Georgie add me as a friend if you like :) x

  • Hi Geejai14,

    Sorry to hear you've re-gained some of the weight you'd lost. It's tough that you're facing some stressful things - and that you're finding weekends tough in terms of your alcohol intake. The fact you're thinking of stopping your drinking after the New Year means you're probably considering something very similar to the Dry January that Sueper has mentioned.

    If you fancy being part of our Monday group weigh-in, for some added support and to help you keep on track, then please do join us. We're currently running the thread today, and here is a link if you want to have a read, to see if it might be something you'd enjoy being part of.


    No worries if it's not your cup of tea, as I know group weigh-ins aren't for everyone. Whatever you do, I wish you success with your weight loss journey.

    Have a great week.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Welcome back. I think you should be kind to yourself at least you are back and sorting stuff out. That takes guts xxx

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