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A big surprise

Hi everyone I hope you all had a lovely Christmas. My weigh-in this morning and I was somewhat apprehensive but oh the joy - I have lost a pound, talk about a late Christmas present I was so chuffed but also extremely surprised to say the least! On both Christmas day and Boxing day I exceeded my calories by hundreds maybe I was being rewarded by declining lunch out yesterday and staying home eating cold meat and salad or maybe it was the extra long walk I took yesterday. Whatever the reason I am very grateful just new years eve to get over now.

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Lovely, our bodies are surprising at times, enjoy!


Well done

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Well done - that is fabulous!


fabby 😊


Hi Irmagee,

Wow, that's great that you've lost a pound - really good!

Hope you enjoy New Year's Eve, and wishing you a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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