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i am new here and I am so impressed by the support and kindness I see. It's lovely. I am over weight and have several health issues which my Doctors say are caused by my weight. If I lose the weight I will improve my health, and I want to do that so much. I am able to lose weight, this past year I lost about 25 lbs. I have gained it all back. I have done this many times, the yo yo . If any of you deal with this I would appreciate your advice. I'm feeling hopeless and helpless, and sorry for myself. It's ugly.


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  • New year, turn the page and a new start. Maybe have a different mindset, have a look at the NHS 12 week plan and plan for a lifestyle change, no diet no gimmicks no magic drinks/potions just mindful thinking of portions and healthy food choices😃

    There are some inspirational people here who have done just that and changed their lives !! I aspire to join them, let 2016 be the year we do 😃


  • Thank you, I will take a look at the 12 wk. plan. I like the idea of no diet. I'm wondering what kind of life style change most people start with. Does it matter? I need to stop eating at night.and I'm starting tonight!

  • Hello. Welcome. Many of us have had yo yo weight issues. Try the nhs 12 week plan. It is about changing the way you eat for life.

    There is a friendly weigh in on Monday mornings run by Lowcal.

  • Thanks for your reply, see above response.

  • I too am new to the site and folk are really kind. It's made me really motivated to change things. I'm going to do the weigh in tomorrow with everyone and even with the chocolates which are in mass due to Christmas I'm determined to start. My husband has sad start next week but then that's just another week gone. Together we will all do this.

    Good luck.

    P_H 🌷🌷

  • I'm starting to feel a little excitement, a little less desperate.

  • Hi,

    I agree with those who suggest you try to make a lifestyle change rather than diet. I found when I dieted in the past I changed my diet and basically ate cardboard food. When I stopped dieting I realised how lovely real food was and ate a tonne of it.

    This time I have stuck to eating the same main meals (mostly) just in smaller portions and I've cut out as much snacking as possible - mostly biscuits.

    Try not to deprive yourself too much - I love chocolate so usually have about 100 cals worth a day, it really helps me stay on track.

    Good luck :)

  • Hello, That is exactly what I've done in the past, the cardboard food. Thank you for suggesting a little chocolate, I love chocolate. Having a plan, not a gimmick, makes sense to me. I think that's why I can only last for so long. and then fail. I need real food. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    One of the things I did when I started was work out the cals in the meals I ate and worked out which ones were ok and which ones needed a little tweek or a smaller portion or just generally eaten less often. One really easy change was to half the amount of mince I use in a bolognaise and instead of dolloping the meat sauce on the pasta I mix it first - simple :)

    A little thought, research and planning will benefit you greatly :)

  • Bless you, good that you are giving it another try and u know that you can lose it too. I use the My Fitness Pal App which is free, it helps me to track any food I eat by calories and set some weight loss goals too. Christmas junk food has been difficult but back on it now. When will you make a start and any plans of what works well?

  • Starting tomorrow, Monday. These are my self inflicted rules... no salt, sugar, or bread. This is to start to get rid of cravings and it leaves plenty of other choices. I'm not planning on starving. The one thing I'm likely to have problems with is night time snacking.

    So many good ideas, I feel rich.

  • I make sure I have a filling evening meal with plenty of vegetables. I also have a pudding every night - low fat ice cream and jelly: not many calories but lovely and sweet. If I'm not hungry, seem fine in the evenings

  • Hi there!

    I completely agree with all the above. I am doing the 12 week plan and I'm 11.5lbs down and even stayed the same weight over xmas. If I can do it anyone can. I've got quite a lot more to lose but this is the best I've ever done and on my own without slimming world or weight watchers.

    Good luck with it and well done for starting on this journey again.

    Elsie xxx

  • I was also terrible in the evenings but now I plan in a small snack after dinner. I got into herbal teas, kept trying new things til I found things I liked. Liquorice tea is nice, for example, or chai. I got a pukka mixed pack and tried new things that I wouldn't have tried before. I even tried Bakewell Tart flavoured green tea - which was okay but not my favourite! Then for snacks I prepared things that were around 140 cals. Eg I made batches of sugar free flapjacks with grated apple and sultanas instead of sugar/syrup, and froze them in little 140cal portions. A mix of raisins, a few nuts, and a few broken pieces of dark chocolate also makes a good post dinner snack. The best tip is to plan it all in, then you won't feel deprived. Also remove temptations from your house or at least keep them out of sight / frozen/ on a high shelf! Good luck :)

  • Thank you. Its true I always feel more in control with a plan. I try to avoid temptation in the grocery store, but my husband has his snacks which he has taken to hiding.

  • My boyfriend keeps his snacks in a drawer, I'm not kidding it's full of biscuits, cake, small pots of custard, everything. That's part of the reason why I have to make my own healthier versions! But it works. If it's out of sight and I have something else to turn to instead, then I can manage to resist them :)

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