Not to bad how ppl doing over Xmas

Think I have gained 2 pound this week which after 2 roast dinners no time for exercise and a take away over Xmas is good so still under 13s so I'm taking it as a good start if I can stay under 13 st for holidays I can get on the bike and find more time to exercise even if I start my job as I will be biking to the place all good though


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10 Replies

  • It is hard. I am just hoping my motivation stays in tact.

  • Well I always give lea way time with holidays like this and a goal of not going over a set amount then I'm not disappointed by gaining a pound or 2 if I'm honest over Xmas I don't want to go on my fitness app I just wanna be having fun with kids and enjoying myself but over next few days can get down again ready for new year but as long as I stay under 13 stone I'm happy

  • I like your plan. I have two girls and haven't worried about tracking food for the past 3 days. Just enjoyed being wiht them and the rest of my family! PJ day today before heading out to the sales tomorrow when I know I'll walk much more than my 10,000 step target.

  • We can do it ! x

  • Take it as it comes Emma, once we get back to our normal routines of eating and exercise those pesky pounds will be history 😃

    Enjoy your day


  • It's the time of year when sometimes u will gain weight but instead of getting disheartened give urself lea way with it u might find the following week u might lose more because u had few days off or u ate that extra chocolate because it changes the routine x

  • i did,nt gain any weight this week

  • Go u it's hard when u have all the nice treats around so u are amazing for doing well x

  • Hi Emma I put 2lbs on too which is a miracle really considering what I ate compared to my normal diet. But I enjoyed every bit and today I weighed in fessed up and back on the plan. Actually I. Looking forward to being more disciplined.

  • Stuff like that comes over time but Xmas is the 1 time ppl shouldn't feel bad about gaining a few pounds x

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