What a difference a year makes!

What a difference a year makes!

First of all. Merry Christmas everyone. Hope this time of year hasn't derailed you all too much. I was quite worried about all the meals out this month but I've found if I eat well between them I'm managing to maintain my weight.

For all of you who need a little encouragement I'm going to post my before and after pic. I have lost just over 6 & 1/2 st starting just a few days after last Christmas.

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  • well done hun you look great hope you have a good new year

  • Well done that is amazing. I hope I can do this photo.

  • i car,nt yet my screen is only 17inches wide lol

  • Lol me neither

  • Looking fab, feeling well bloated over ate yesterday, a while till mon tho

  • You look fantastic and must feel it too.😃 So happy for you, a really positive post and very well timed.


  • You look fabulous well done xx😁👍

  • Brilliant! Well done, you must be so pleased. :)

  • Are you sure that is the same person? :)

    You look fab and so different - well done :)

  • Wow






  • Well done!! What a difference......Fabby!!

  • Congratulations, you are stunning! Such an inspiration, thanks so much for posting this!

    Merry Christmas!

    Elsie xxx

  • Wow good on you! You look great

  • You are inspiring! Juat what I need to get back to it after xmas...and on holiday in Sicily right now...I needed to see those pics!

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