Biscuit Gate

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a fab day yesterday and more of the same today :)

I woke up this morning feeling a little miffed at the amount of biscuits people had given me and my hubby this year. Argh! I know I should be thankful etc but they all know we are trying to cut down.

Following xmas last year we decided to cut out sweet biscuits and that is what first started our journey to losing weight. I'd say for the whole of this year (until Thursday) I'd eaten about 4 biscuits in total.

We'd already bought a few biscuits ourselves - including some fab National Trust shortbread so didn't need anymore and I honestly thought people would get this.

I am sure I'm not alone and feel bad for moaning about it but felt the need to vent somewhere - obviously I didn't let people know I was a bit put out by the biscuits :)

The only person who took on board what we are trying to do was my brother but he's a bit of an anti fatty anyway so not sure it counts ;)

So now I have to decide what to do with the biccies so I don't eat them! I may pop them into the nearest AA meeting as I am sure they probably need a little boost as such a difficult time of the year for them. I shall google it now :)

Is anyone else out there in my predicament?


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16 Replies

  • Yes I am too. Boxes of biscuits and chocolates left to tempt us plus chocolate roulade from yesterday. AA people also like to lose weight too and usually they have lots but it's a good idea. Any other ideas let me know. 🎄🎄🎄🎅🎅🎅🎅🌟🌟🎁

  • I think I may leave it a month - provided they aren't open I'll be ok. I am sure all charities are a bit overloaded at the mo. :)

  • Hi Sueper- it is frustrating. Sometimes people just don't think!

    How about donating to day centres for elderly or your local care home?

  • Oh I like the care home idea, there is one up the road. I may give a few weeks and pop up :)

  • I quite understand. Thankfully no one gave me any but I was ready to give them away. I think you are doing the right thing in giving them to someone else. If you can't find AA a food bank or even a local church will be able to get them to someone who will be happy for the treat.

  • I am sure someone will take them off me :)

  • Merry Xmas Sueper glad you had a good day. 😃

    The Xmas food,choccies and biscuits is a nightmare !! I have not told any one except hubby and you lot that I'm making lifestyle changes and while they notice I am much changed no one has asked and that's ok with me but you'd think they would rumble🤔 !!

    We have all kind and my sister bought me a big box of baklava!!! Did make me laugh and I thought ' mmmm sounder if she's on the site ???

    My thoughts are once the weekend is over take some to our local people's kitchen of take them for the staff at the local dog and cat shelter.

    My cousin from NZ is staying with us and she rampaged round m@s food hall a few days ago buying anything that was ' what I can't get at home ' so not only do I have food pressies the fridge and cupboards are groaning from all the extras !!!, and don't get me started on the ' choose your own pizza' in asda !!! ( counting the days till she goes!!! sorry )


  • I often buy baklava but decided not to this year.

    It is frustrating when people don't notice but they will eventually - honest.

    Terrible aren't we wanting to go back to normal ;)

    I have had a nice long walk today so that's something :)

  • It's been raining heavily here all day, so even struggling to stride put. Will be out with the pooch about 4 ish but tomorrow well hopefully a better day😃


  • I think we have 2 whole dry days coming up so more walking for me :) Just need to think where to go.

  • There are a few nice things in the sales. Can you not buy yourself a treat to replace the pressies that were not so thoughtful.

  • I had plenty anyway Aqua so I don't feel like I've missed out. I will hit the sales on payday to buy some smaller clothes though - I like to buy 2 sizes smaller now and again so I can work on squeezing into them :)

  • Hi hun, how about the local foodbank or homeless shelter. They can always do with more food. Get it out of the house or the temptation will be there! Haha, they would tempt me so much!

    E xxx

  • Thanks E. As long as the boxes are sealed I'll be ok :) Once opened I'll fret about them going off and have to eat them rather than waist, sorry waste them - Freudian slip ;) Stupid really isn't it? I am learning honest!

    We do have a homeless place nearby :)

    I think I will give the little boxes to my poor student nephew to take back to uni and the big ones to a nearby charity but I may wait a month as I bet they loads at to mo.

  • Bless ya! It's so tough at this time of year! You've done really well by the sounds of it! Well done you! xxx

  • Not this year sueper. People have gotten the message. The only 'biscuits' I received were oatcakes :-)

    One of my wife's friends gave me sweets, that were hastily re-distributed for someone else to decide whether to succumb.

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