Popping the chocs

Popping the chocs

So it's the run up to Christmas and have been given this lovely tub of chocs yesterday and I have to admit I have had my hands in the tub :-) I had 7 yesterday and just had 5 more today. They are so Moorish, the kids have had some as well not just me, but I don't think they will last until Christmas day even LOL

Why oh why did my sister buy these for us :-) I couldn't resist it :-)

Anyone else had their hands in something naughty but nice ???


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67 Replies

  • Put the lid back on and seal with masses of industrial strength tape!!!!!! Minx 😃

  • The lid is safely back on ShellieL :-) LOL

  • Hi trafford, I had stir fry which doesn't sound too bad, that is, not until you realise the amount I ate :D Three VERY LARGE portions. There's also a pack of six mince pies waiting for me and I don't like to keep them waiting too long. Perhaps once I've had a shower, I shall release them from their cellophane and let them breath a little :D

    As for the chocolates, I think they're OK. Cacao beans must be good for you and part of your five a day. Then you've got coconut and nuts, sounds like a health food to me :D

    Enjoy, when they're gone they're gone. :)

  • Tewson you are just so funny :-) I like how you have described my five a day LOL that already makes me feel less guilty. Hope you enjoy your mince pie, but don't eat the lot :-) I have just come back from an hours walk so must have burned off the cals from the chocs now anyway. This Christmas malarkey is no easy feet, I have a cupboard full of goodies from the shopping and I am fully stocked until new years. This is going to be tough, but I will continue to workout throughout and see what happens.

  • My wife bought three such boxes of chocolate, after dinner mints, loads of cheese, mince pies, cake, wine, beer etc., which would be ok if we were here for Christmas, but we're not LOL. The house is going to be empty until we get back.

    I think I've a tough month ahead of me. A crazy time of year :D

  • It certainly is a crazy time of year, but also an enjoyable one. Your wife has really stocked up on loads of goodies and drinks and it will all be there when you get back. That's a scary thought...

    On the bright side I have done 2 hours and 29 mins of exercise today so I think I can rest easy knowing that I have put in a lot of work :-) and the chocs have been entered into myfitnesspal too

  • Nice to be able to confess - I had a bit of an "accident" with the big box of Malteser Reindeer earlier, I bought them to divvy out to all and sundry. Three burst out of their wrappers and fell into my mouth! I am cured now - TOO MUCH!!

  • All is forgiven Runningsoon :-) that is so, so funny you have seriously made me laugh with your confession and I love that you are cured now :-) :-) honestly I never have things like these, but because it's Christmas we have to live a little don't we :-)

  • And the malteser wrappers are missing from your box too Trafford1...! Lucky perhaps that you haven't got any Reindeer to hand too - they are gratifyingly big...!? Tee hee! Oh well, I have been very good since September... Hope you manage to force feed the rest of your tin to the offspring successfully! xx

  • arr you are so right they are very Moorish and they have crispy bits in there too and the galaxy's have gone as well tee hee :-) the offspring would eat them up in a flash if I let them. That might be the way to go LOL

  • I am so glad to hear you all are cheating. You are really making me feel human as I had my fair share a week ago. I was just chatting with my sister and she said she did not cheat for a whole week when I was just eating all these goodies just seeing doughnuts everyday but now I see that is so normal to eat all these yummy stuff. Thanks tons for making me feel like a human being! Enjoy all your parties and goodies! It is fun to sometimes cheat! :d

  • It's ok to cheat with a treat every now and again we are all human and at this time of year with all the goodies surrounding us I think it's aloud in moderation. Crisps are my downfall and I have bought loads, but I haven't touched a single packet YET!!! I'm waiting till Christmas day to pop those open and dive in ummm...

    I'm looking forward to Christmas day to be honest, a day off :-)

  • Wow! To buy crisps and not eat it and wait . I am very impressed!

  • I bought 7 boxes of 32 in each and I have been very restrained and now I have those large bags of walkers mix ups, cheese and spicy ones and sticky BBQ rib one's. I am not going to devour them of course but can wait to open them. That's going to be my treat on Christmas day BIG YUM

  • You are making me hungry! :)

  • I'm making myself hungry too :-) temptation is calling my name ....roll on Christmas day ;-)

  • you are funny! Not long to go! ;)

  • Wow, that's a lot of packets of crisps!!!! :-)

  • I have had these for months now and they are going down slowly. Had to have em as they were on offer :-) I don't know how, but I have not eaten them all. Only had the occasional treat out of the box and these were my biggest weakness. Now I have proved to myself that I can have these in the house and not even think about going for them, so yeah me :-) Christmas day will be another story though I am tucking in to my mix ups and stick bbq and I can't wait ummm...

  • Me too trafford, I've been positively angelic this week so far but dying to get stuck in on xmas day! Can't flippin wait! xxx

  • Me too hun it's going to be a good Christmas day I just know it x

  • I haven't stopped eating. I'm going to have to squeeze in some extra runs/walks...

  • Save some for me plz you can't have it all to yourself :-) good idea to squeeze in some extra run/walks I'm now upto 2 hours 51 mins of exercise today run away all my guilty pleasures :-)

  • Hey guys, what say you, we delete the thread so Lowcal don't catch us :D

  • lol, I just read your reply - I have to say I'm over-indulging too, so no worries on that score!!! :-)

  • We got caught teehee :-) Tewson has really made me laugh out loud with that

  • Pahahahahahahahaha FUNNY!!!!!!!!!! ;-) Love it Tewson just love it

  • Looks like she caught us :-)

  • At this point I would like to report that someone has high jacked my profile :D

  • lol :-)

  • Hi Trafford,

    I ate rather too many almond chocolates yesterday - and today I've indulged in a rather bountiful Chinese take-away and half a bottle of wine. Yummy though! I really enjoyed it. :-)

    Naughty but definitely nice.

    Enjoy those chocolates, and I know you've done lots of exercise today, so that definitely helps. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Ooooops Hi Lowcal, I guess we're all at it :D Coffee and mince pies for me in a minute LOL

    Merry Christmas Lowcal :)

  • Merry Christmas Tewson - enjoy those mince pies and coffee. :-)

  • p.s. I've just had some Pralines and Cream ice-cream - so indulgent and feels very naughty, but very nice!!! :-)

  • Pahahahahahahahahah Lowcal and Tewson you better stop it the pair of you are as bad as each other and I'm belly laughing OMG

  • I've just got some photo's arrive on facebook of my grandchildren baking biscuits for my wife and I.

    There really is no escape :)

  • Your gonna be rolling round the forum come new years if you fill up on anything else

  • I think it's back into easy fit trouser for me :D

  • easy fit LOL a bit of elastic should help put it all into perspective

  • Hmmm, maybe I could buy a corset ..... just to tide me over !!!

    I could tell people I have a back problem :)

  • it might pop at the seams though :-)

    are you sure you can fit it all in LOL

  • Ha ha ha ha, you're right there :D

  • Tewson you have warmed my heart with laugher tonight you are so, so funny and I hope you and your wife have a wonderful Christmas x

  • Thank you so much Trafford.

    Wishing you and your family a very warm and happy Christmas too, full of smiles and happiness

  • Pahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahha can't stop laughing Pahahahahahahahahahah love the new profile picture you are ace

  • Hi Lowcal, looks like were all at it :-) the run up to Christmas is getting the better of us. Chinese take-away and wine ummm now were talking. That sound right up my street :-)

    Naughty and nice.

    I enjoyed those chocolates so much and I have something worth celebrating with those celebrations today anyway as my daughter got a letter from the colleage today accepting her application so we are all very chuffed to bits and I have my other daughter home from uni this Christmas so the whole family are together helping me eat these. They will be gone by tomorrow I bet ya :-)

  • I am curios to see how much weight all of you have gained. This thread is just making me laugh! :d

  • I'm sure we'll find out on Monday!!! :-)

  • Is it scary?! Anyway enjoy yourselves now. No time to think now of gaining weight! :) Just continue having fun! :)

  • I am hoping not to have a gain as I am still aiming for a 4 lb loss by Jan 4th. I have worked out 2 hours and 51 mins today and have burned 1128 calories just in exercise alone. I can have the treat, but I will work my butt off to ensure I don't gain the weight :-)

  • That is clever! Just do exercise and still cheat but how on earth do you loose. I always thought that if one wants to loose it is eating naughty and not healthy plus exercise or am I wrong? i am learning the tricks which I should not know if I want to never ever be in pain. You can contiue with your chocolates . :)

  • Well as I have only eaten 5 chocs at 225 calories and burned 1128 which gives me a net total calories for the day 192 calories left to burn which is all taken care of by my BMR therefore guaranteed to burn the net calories anyway and leave me a calorie deficit of over 1000 calories for today alone. It's complicated but it all works for me and this is how I have only ever had one gain in 50 weeks never gained any other time during my journey. It's all in the numbers

  • You lucky girl only gained once in 50 weeks I am so envious of you! I have just started my journey and enjoy all your chocolates I wish I can join you but it is not worth it to be in agony! Oooh I love dairy chocolates but not good my health! Never mind I guess I should learn to eat healthy for once and for all. I used to be the biggest junk eater never ate fruits and veg. defiantly did not drink water and now look how much I have changed! It is amazing what all of you doing to me! :) Enjoy your chocolates! :)

  • Trafford I love this one 'naughty and nice'! :)

  • Fantastic news regarding your daughter's acceptance at the college. I think I was a bit too tipsy to take in that information yesterday evening. Congratulations to her for such great news. :-)

  • Who said almond chocolate ? That is beyond unfair.

  • That was me, Aqua - I admit it. I was so grateful to Trafford for posting this thread - helped me confess my indulgences, and now I feel much better!!! :-)

  • I have bought some 70% dark chocolate for Christmas Day. For that day only.

  • That's a sensible choice Aqua :-) my choice is to eat crisp and enjoy them all and then back to basics and portion control :-)

  • You deserve it. You have come so far. I am not far enough along to relax too much.

  • I have to learn from you! Yesterday I ate so much as I got Mother Nature and today I know that I am allowed dairy so I ate a pizza which is very naughty as it has yeast and now I better stop eating all my meringues up otherwise there will be none left for my son! I better get right back now to eating healthy. No more excuses! I better shift those unwanted pounds off! I got 1 stone 10 pounds to go!

  • No more excuses :-) exactly hun. That's my moto and I love that you said that. Don't worry about what you have had, just remember to work it off as best you can and if you have a high calorie day follow it with a lower calorie day that always works for me too :-)

  • I love this one as well just drink tons of water which works wonder and be sensible! :)

  • The way I choose to do it is one 500 ml bottle in the morning one at work one when I get home and the last bottle late evening that eqals 8 250 ml drinks of water which should hopefully work for you. You may end up in the bathroom a number of times but that just means its working the way you want it to. Try it and see you shouldn't need more than that really.

  • Everyone is different I personally prefer to keep drinking throughout the day and I do need 2 litres of water a day otherwise I am dehydrated. So I end up in the bathroom lot so when I go out I try not to drink at least n hour before or there are toilets where ever I go.

    Anyway I was shocked to see that I lot and not gained I guess yesterday I did keep to my points.

  • That's brilliant news bakersdozen having a loss at this time of year deserves a big CHEER :-) well done hun x

  • You are teaching me the tricks! :) Thanks! I will always listen to the expert! :)

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