Christmas is Coming Targets - Results Time Santa Challenge

Christmas is Coming Targets - Results Time        Santa Challenge

So with only 2 days to go before Christmas it is time to start revealing our results. I know some will want to wait to the last minute or maybe New Year. So feel free to add your results when you are ready.

I set myself a challenge of losing 5 stone this year and decided today would be the day to weigh and see how I got on. Obviously we are not at the end of the year but it seems unlikely I'll manage to lose any more before the New Year but never say never :)

Unfortunately I have fallen short of the 5 stone by 4.5 lb (been maintaining for a couple of weeks). I have still lost 65.5lb so all in all a pretty good year and I am not really disappointed with my performance this year. I never thought I'd get this far :) Hopefully next year I can lose another 4+ stone.

So there were about 35 other people who set themselves targets - how did you all do?

The links to both posts are below in case you need to refresh your memory?–-challenge-update-only-1-month-to-go

I'd be really interested to know how much weight you've all lost this year too - although I expect Lowcal will collect this info anyway.

Looking forward to seeing who has been good and who will be on Santa's naughty list with me!


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49 Replies

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  • Hi Sueper,

    I just want to Congratulate you on such an amazing progress with your goal. Losing 65.5 pounds this year, that is absolutely phenomenal, and you are so close to achieving your Christmas goal - really really well done!!! You are an inspiration to us all. :-)

    I will wait a bit longer before revealing my results for the Christmas goals, as I am hoping to try to achieve my goal by the end of the year - all being well. I'm not there yet... so I'll add in my result towards the end of the year.

    Yes, we will hope to glean how much weight the Monday weigh-in group have acheived over the year, as that will be some of the reports that are hopefully shared at Monday's weigh-in (28th December) and I am sure Ruth_Canal_Runner (our lovely stats woman) will be adding them up - and I'll be reporting back on those at the following weigh-in at the start of January.

    Having so many great challenges going on in this forum - including Lizzy's 'Around the World in 80 Days' (kicking km Super Challenge), and having your amazing Christmas Goal's Challenge has really really helped me to stay focused and motivated.

    I am thankful to you for organising this Christmas Challenge, and I really hope to try to achieve my aim in the next couple of weeks, by the end of December...

    Congratulations again on your amazing achievement! You are indeed 'Super Sueper'. :-)

    Wishing you a Very Happy Christmas!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal and good luck for hitting your target.

    Can't wait to see what the fantastic people on this site have lost this year - I will keep my eye out for Monday's post.

    Sue :)

  • Hi Sue,

    I said I'd weigh in at the end of December, thereby leaving it as long as I could to try to get closer to the 12's again - as that was my Christmas goal.

    I did briefly dip my toes into the 12's, as on Friday 11th December I was 12 stone 13.4 pounds, and on Saturday 12th December I was 12 stone 13.4 pounds, but Sunday 13th December I went up to 13 stone 1.6 pounds. So that was that. I haven't managed to see the 12's since then...

    Christmas itself then came along, and so I was 13 stone 6.2 pounds on Monday 28th December. Today (Thursday 31st December) I am 13 stone 4.6 pounds.

    As you know, I am considering my goals for 2016 at the moment, so I'll be setting myself fresh goals and aspirations at Monday's Group weigh-in. Time for some reflection and I'm enjoying that process.

    Thank you for setting this Christmas Challenge, because it really helped me not to go too overboard with Christmas excesses.

    It was a fun and enjoyable challenge.

    Here's to 2016, and wishing you a very Happy New Year!!!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Lowcal,

    At least you briefly flirted with the 12s so no reason not to get into them in 2016.

    Xmas has been pretty bad for me too but I have enjoyed it. Having a takeaway tonight and a roast tomorrow and then back to normal.

    Definitely time to reflect and re-group for 2016 - here's to a few more lbs off :)

    Happy New Year to you too :)

  • Thanks Sue,

    Enjoy your takeaway tonight and your roast tomorrow. We're having a roast tonight and a curry tomorrow! :-)

    Then, like you say, back to normal.

    Happy Happy New Year!!! :-)

  • Got everything crossed for you Lowcal :)

  • That's amazing! Well done.

  • Hi sueper and many, many congratulations on losing 65.5 this year that is an amazing result which I am sure you are so proud of yourself for achieving in 2015. The rest will melt away soon enough I am certain of that hun :-)

    I've been good this year and have reached my Christmas target beating it by a pound so lost 18 lbs to reach this goal and have lost 88 lbs since I started in Jan 2015 and am very pleased with this achievement.

    I am so grateful that you posted this challenge sueper as it really did motivate me to lose this much and I have been driven by the challenge the whole time, so I thank you so, so much for this.

    I look forward to reading other posts today and see how everyone has done and if not today then when everyone who signed up is ready. Best wishes to everyone x

    Trafford1 x

  • Well done on smashing your target, you have had a phenomenal year :)

    I am pleased so many people have felt motivated by this challenge.

    Sue x

  • Yaay Trafford! Fab results! :)

    We're hot on your tail :)

  • Another one of them 100 kms in the new year will certainly catch me up LOL, but I too am going for a 100 kms just to see if I can stay ahead of the game :-)

    Thank you moreless :-)

  • When I get my real bike, I'm hoping to surpass the 100K's :)

  • Now that's not fair 100 kms is more than enough moreless

  • What you tryin to do to me, I don't think I have more than that in me

  • Are you kidding?! You have more in you than anyone I know :)

  • I dunno about that moreless, you have really set the bar high hun. If I get my bike out now and check the tyres I could get a head start teehee :-)

  • That's cheating!! ;)

  • No I'm only kidding hun just wanted you to sweat a bit teehee

  • Phew! It worked :)

  • Let me know when you get the bike though so I can start at the same time as you ok ? 100 kms or more here we come ;-)

  • I certainly will and I can't wait to start the challenge - as long as I don't fall off! :)

    The last time I rode a real bike was back in the 80's I think :)

  • Snap!

    Before this journey I hadn't rode since the 80's either LOL

    Hopped on and was like a duck to water :-) You have had a lot of practice on yours so you should be ok, I hope :-)

  • Hopefully so and I've got the calluses on my bottom to prove it :D

  • Blimey Mrs, there should be no 'unfortunately' in your post at all!!! Superb result, superb effort and superb target!!!!! Go you, fab-u-lous darling, just fab-u-lous. πŸ˜˜πŸŽ„

  • Totally agree...nothing "unfortunate" at all about that massive achievement!

  • Thanks WW :)

  • Thanks Shellie :)

  • LOL - I love the picture! :-D

    Congratulations on doing so very very well this year, you have climbed a mountain - I can only hope that I can achieve the same kind of results as you within a year!

    This whole thing confused me a bit and I have a thing about making sure people know I am truthful (TERRIBLE personality trait this!), so this is going to be a bit of a waffle on (no change there then!).

    So, I started eating healthier on Weds 2nd September. I noted my birthday fell on a Wednesday this year so at that point I had set myself a personal target of 2 pounds per week from 2nd Sept to 23rd Dec, which I put on a chart on the wall, and I've been shading the pounds away. For that personal target, I am half a pound away from my 2lb per week target. I can live with that!

    When I joined here, I called my first "week" from Weds 2nd Sept to Mon 7th Sept, as I wanted to join the Monday weigh in. I lost 4 1/2 pounds in my first "week" (which obviously wasn't a full week, but almost).

    I think I noticed your post at the end of my first "week", after my Monday 7th Sept weigh in. I set a target on that post of 1lb per week. So, the weight lost since THAT target is 27 pounds, which means I reached the target on your post - hooray!

    In total, since Weds 2nd Sept, I have lost 31 1/2 pounds, or 2 stone 3, 1/2 pounds. Which is why I can now state I've lost over 2 stone since I started.

    Wow, my brain is pickled now! I got so muddled that I couldn't work out whether I'd reached the target on your post or not, at first. I had to go back through my diary to figure out how the heck it all worked! I knew I'd lost over 2 stone, but I was getting muddled between not quite reaching my wall chart target, and the target I set on your post - lol! Hopefully I will not over complicate things in future. I'm not setting a wall chart target this time, I think I will wait for the "Easter target" post instead!

    And now, I think I'm going for a lie down lol, my brain is whacked! Who needs booze when you have a crazy brain like mine! Merry Christmas! :-D

  • Hi WW,

    Is it your Birthday today? Happy Birthday!!!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you! Well, I THINK it's my birthday but frankly, I feel like I don't know what day of the week it is after getting to the bottom of which target was which and what, who, where, when, why? LOL!

  • Oh yes and Happy Birthday :)

  • Happy birthday

  • Hi WW,

    It seem your problem may have been caused by there being more weeks than you have fingers ;)

    Well done, on smashing the 2 stone mark!

    Enjoy your lie down :)

  • There's nothing sorrier,

    Than Weight Warrior,

    When she tries

    To tell no lies.

    Truth be told,

    No lies unfold.

    On chart or scales,

    No epic fails.

    Her head is reeling

    From the feeling,

    That this spiel

    Is all too real.

    She's done her best,

    Now needs a rest

    And then to take

    Some birthday cake!

    Happy birthday WW and many congrats for hitting your target.......I think??!!

    :D :D :D

  • You've done so well Sueper and that 4.5lbs is neither here nor there :)

    Just think how fab you'll feel if you manage to do the same next year! :)

    This challenge has been brilliant and has really kept me on my toes. I've made 3 separate targets and have fortunately managed to smash all of them :)

    When you first posted this, like WW, I was at the start of my journey and had no idea how my weight loss was going to go, so I think I said "A stone would be nice, but 2 stone would be super duper", or words to that effect :)

    I passed the first target on the 26th October, so I made another target of 2st and passed that on the 7th December, I then made another target of 2.5st, never for one minute thinking that I'd be able to achieve it, but to my absolute delight, I smashed through that by this Monday's weigh-in! :)

    You and your challenge have been hugely motivational for me, Sueper and I thank you most sincerely. I hope you'll be dreaming up something else to keep us all going :)

    Well done everybody for your achievements to date and good luck to those working hard to shift the last little bit :)

    Looks like I'm getting as verbose as WW ;)

  • Smashed all THREE you are red hot. Smokin in fact :-) so happy for you mrs

  • Thanks Trafford :)

  • Well done moreless for smashing all your targets :)

    I am chuffed with what I have achieved and also so pleased people have found this challenge so motivating. This is such a great site with so many motivating each other :)

    What a fantastic bunch of losers we are! :D

  • Thanks Sueper, we rock! :)

  • That is outstanding Sueper. that is a fantastic achievement. I have only been doing this 3 months and it is so hard so to stick it out for so much longer and to get that result shows true grit. πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–πŸŽ–

  • My target was simply to stay on track over Christmas. I have only been here 3 months. It would be nice to hit the zero number on Friday and still be at that number the following Friday but if you offered me a "stay the same " for two weeks and my focus remaining in tact on 2nd Jan. I would take it.

  • Staying on track is the hardest Aqua and I have lost a bit of focus but still maintained the last couple of weeks.

    A new year will bring new vigour for us all - hopefully :)

  • You have done so well don't worry about the other 4lb just delay the target by 2 weeks fantastic result keep on going next year.

    I set myself a target of 12.7 for xmas day and am 12.5 today so total loss since nov 13 is 1st 6lb I had hoped to get to 12 st by new year but I think it is unrealistic so have reset it at 12 for my mums birthday on 11th jan. Merry xmas and a healthy new year x

  • Well done skinnylizzie for smashing your target. As long as we get there in the end that is what counts so good luck with getting to 12 st.

    Have a great xmas :)

  • Congrats on the amazing loss Sueper. Hopefully it will put your achievement of just shy of 5 stone lost in perspective, to know I feel AMAZING for having lost just over 2 stone this year, 29lbs to be exact. This is less than half of what you've achieved so I'm in awe of your amazing loss this year - I have a very real respect for anyone who sets out to lose weight now, knowing it's such a massive step to take and a very difficult process to sustain. Re the Christmas challenge, having reached my goal by September I challenged myself to stay at goal. This I have done - 3 months at goal now! So my achievement at this point is to not only lose the extra weight, but to keep it off :) Happy Christmas everyone :)

  • Thanks Ruth - I never thought I would ever lose weight really so it's going well ;)

    Well done for maintaining probably just as hard as shifting it I think - only another 18 months and I may get there!

    Have a lovely xmas and a happy (maintaining) new year :)

  • You'll definitely get there, no doubt about that! It's not as hard to maintain as to lose weight, but you do have to stay focused and make sure you don't return to old habits. I think with the long journey you're on, you'll definitely have the right attitude once you reach maintaining. In the meantime I hope your current plateau will shift into a downward trend again soon. I think getting below 20 stone was an amazing goal for you to reach this year as well as almost making your 5 stone goal. Onwards and downwards :)

  • Thanks Ruth. I do worry about losing it and then putting it all back on! But I have to lose it all first ;)

  • I know there are some of you waiting until the new year but just thought I'd bump this post up in case anyone is wondering where it is :)

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