Need a Christmas miracle!

Hi everyone, I have done a few thousand diets in my time, lost quite a bit of weight and was finally at a happy place and now it's creeping back on and I have no motivation or willpower.

I'm 34 and I would like to be body confident again by 35!

Ideally I would like to lose just over a stone to bring my weight under 10 stone.

Look forward to getting to know you all.

Fingers crossed I can find some willpower somewhere and 12 weeks down the line I will be happier healthier and last but not least slimmer!

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Follow the plan and you should certainly reach your goal. It's very doable and I found it very enjoyable. This is such an easy plan to follow and in 12 weeks you will be transformed.


I like the sound of the transformation! I can feel that willpower creeping in! Yay! Thanks


You will be transformed, honest :-) I have transformed my life using this plan and lost 88 lbs so far in 50 weeks. In 12 weeks I lost 35 lbs alone so it goes to show it really does work and your amongst friends here. So keep posting your journey every week as it's a great motivating factor :-)


That's amazing! You are all very motivating. Thanks for your reply

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Amp24, hello and welcome. You may be interested in some rough notes I've been making.

February 2015

16 stone 5 lbs. Trousers no longer fit. Knees ache all the time and can't be on my feet for more than an hour without feeling aches and pains in knees and back. Having difficulties walking up very steep hills, again back, knees and breathing are a problem. Having difficulties bending down, putting shoes on, drying between toes after a shower and clipping toe nails. The cushion on my comfy chair is being squashed flat and losing its springiness, likewise with my mattress. I can no longer run for the bus or after the toddler I look after.

September 2015

Started following 12 week plan and calorie counting. Weight down to 15 stone 10 lbs. Little improvement in health since February.

October 2015

Weight down to 15 stone and am on holiday. Very surprised that my wife can swim further and for longer than I. I still feel over weight but am starting to notice that my weight is going down.

November 2015

Weight at beginning of month is 14 stone 2 lbs. I've noticed that my waist is decreasing rapidly and during the month I will go from wearing 40” trousers to 38” and then on to 36”. I have no problems drying my feet after a shower, or cutting my toe nails. I have found I can put my socks on without having to sit on the bed and putting on my shoes and taking them of is a lot easier. I've found that the nagging pain in my back and knees has disappeared and that I can walk up large steep hills without any strain. I can also run for the bus.

December 2015

Weight at beginning of December 13 stone 5 lbs. I've noticed my hat size has gone down at least half a size, my watch is now able to spin round my wrist, when it was tight before and there's signs that I may be able to get my wedding ring back on in the coming months. The very steep hill that I regularly walk up now looks like a small incline rather than a mountain.

I hope this is of use to you.

Personally speaking, this is a good plan and a very good site. I hope this is of interest to you.

Good luck :)

PS Sorry for the lazy cut and paste from my rough notes. If you need any help, advice or just a chat and a laugh, just post and I'm sure you will get plenty of people who will be pleased to oblige 😎


Superb response 👍


Really interesting Tewson - wish I'd kept more notes myself. It really reinforces the positive when you realise all the little things you've done to make daily life and health better. And if you haven't kept notes yourself, other people's notes can do the same! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you that was inspirational. I was 12st 9 at my heaviest after having my youngest boy and I can understand the joint pains improving as the weight drops off. My back will be thanking me after I lose another stone, don't think my knees will be complaining either!


I've not dieted before and know little about dieting and so I though I'd record and assess.

This is my progress, although I expect to slow down in the new year.

You will see that there are many ups and downs but the the scales only tell part of the story, the tape measure is pretty useful to use from the offset. If exercising, recording progress is also very useful.

I'm not the perfect dieter and sometimes I over eat, so you can take this info as being from a Mr Average.

For me there's no going back until I reach my goals :)

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Hi Amp24,

Welcome to the forum. Hope you'll be body confident again by the time you're 35 - it's great to have something to work towards, and if you like the idea of a group weigh-in, then do consider joining us for our Monday Group weigh-in - here's a link to the last thread (yesterday's post) if you'd like to take a look:

We welcome new people, and some of us have been going for a while! There are several people maintaining their weight loss achievements too - on 28th December many of us will be reporting back on our weight loss progress to date - so that will be interesting reading, and I always enjoy reading the responses as the people who contribute to that thread are amazing!

Wishing you success with your weight loss journey. Hope to see you around and about in the forum. It's a very friendly place.

Lowcal :-)

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Yep, been there, done that. So many different diets over the years, lose weight, gain weight, lose weight, gain even more weight. However, I discovered the 12 week plan last March and although it isn't a miracle it is amazingly good and as Trafford says, very doable and enjoyable.

Good luck with the plan, this forum is a real support whilst you're developing a healthy eating lifestyle. Enjoy Christmas and new year new you.

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Welcome and well done for tackling this whilst it's a more manageable goal. A few of us here will envy you that!

I need to lose about 1 stone more to get down to my goal - I'm a tad older than you and I feel my days of being 9st anything are behind me, but 10 and half would be very nice!

Like you I've been round the houses with a few diets and I'm finding doing this really helpful, cheaper, more flexible and feels more like real life (therefore I'm hoping more sustainable). Everyone is lovely, helpful and someone is usually available to chat or point you in the right direction when you need some distraction from edible naughtiness!

Good luck for a healthy Christmas!


I do feel the days of being 9 stone is behind me too after 3 pregnancies and hitting 15 stone every time! Low tens would be good enough for me too. It's my sons birthday today (I have had cake every day since his party on saturday) and christmas obviously, but the. There will always be occasions and I suppose this week is as good as any to get cracking!


I didn't dare weigh when I was pregnant so you get the bravery award right there!

I suppose one could diet by cake alone: "Marie Antoinette diet"? But it would be sparse, probably as well to throw the odd fruit or veggie into the mix to bulk things out!!

With a big brood to tend to and the Christmas hols well underway, I've decided that you are a born optimist to start this week, and therefore deserve a flying start!

Good luck!


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