How many calories does 2 hours of wrapping use up? Hubby has left me to it and I have just finished battling with blunt sellotape dispenser glitter paper and all my huge amazon packages, they are all wrapped but not labelled as that's his job, and he has gone off to his saxophone lesson regardless of xmas!! I have positioned piles of same family around house so hope I can remember who has what, as one year when I foolishly did this I had to keep unwrapping them to have a peep, as I gave out each present. This was very frustrating for the eager receivers!! Well I am going to take a break and watch the recorded sound of music which my Mum says was good last night. Hope everyone had a good day and is ready for battle tomorrow .


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13 Replies

  • Hi Lizzie, not sure about the calories, but if you march on the spot, you could count your steps for the super challenge :)

    Or you could dance along to The Sound of Music :)

  • Hubby's on his way back so he could be in time for a vienese waltz!

  • Fantastic! :)

    Are you enjoying the film? It was my mum's favourite :)

  • Hope it was a Viennese waltz and not a Viennese whirl of the Mr Kipling variety, lol. 😂

  • no, no, no,

  • No idea about the calories but I bet it's very elfy for you!

    (See what I did there!)

  • ha ha x

  • You're just away with the fairies :)

  • yes its really good, better than I expected

  • It's one of the classics and I just love the music :)

  • Extra if you have to shift the cat every time you roll out the paper

  • ahhh, our poor old cats are up there in the stars

  • Lol I feel your pain, I felt like I was up to my ears in it last week! Wow, a hubby who does the labels...is he for hire next year please? I have to write all the labels out as well as wrap everything up. I'm sure we have burned at least a few calories wrestling with the pressies so hopefully that's a bit of a compensation eh? Merry Christmas to you! :-)

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