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A goal reached

Good morning I have just weighed myself and I have lost two pounds this week that is exactly a stone since beginning diet 19th October so I am quite pleased with that. I know you shouldn't reward yourself with food but I promised myself a fish & chips from the local chippy when I lost a stone so why did I have to achieve it this week of all weeks with Christmas lunch etc at the end of it? So I have decided to set myself another target and I will enjoy the fish and chips when I reach that so here's to the next half stone coming off. ☺

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Fantastic result, and if you want fish and chips have them and enjoy them😃

I'm holding out for a greggs sweet mince pie and I'm having that on Xmas eve ! Sometimes a bit of what we fancy does us good, as long as not eat them every day.

Enjoy your fish and chips.



A very good result, well done and good luck with the next half stone coming off :)


Well done Irmagee on losing 2 lbs this week bringing your total weight lost to 1 stone since 19th Oct. You should be so proud of yourself and I think it's a good idea to wait for those fish and chips as it is Christmas week and they will taste just as nice when you reach you next milestone :-)


Well done Irmagee, you have done very well and should be pleased with your achievement. I think it wise to hold out on those fish and chips, anything worth having is worth waiting for, or so they say. Keep up the good work but enjoy your treat whenever you decide to have it.


Is this what they call a moveable feast? :)

Congrats on your 2lb loss and total loss of 1st, that's a great result :)

Good luck with the next 1/2 stone :)


Well done :) Feel so great to get that first stone out of the way - keep it up :)


Hi Irmagee,

Congratulations on losing 2 pounds this week, that is really great! Wow, a whole stone lost since 19th October - that is great progress.

Hope you enjoy those fish and chips from the local chippy.

Good luck with your next half stone.

Have a great Christmas.

Lowcal :-)


Yay - well done!


I remember your fish and chips treat! How amazing that you've achieved your goal - congrats.

Good idea to move it though, what with Christmas around the corner but I'm really pleased for you and that extra half a stone will take no time.


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