Another diet fad or does it work?

I have purchased the Terri-Ann 123 plan and intend starting her diet in 2016. I want to know if anyone here has tried it and what weight loss did they achieve. I also need help planning the weeks food as there's a lot of meat and eggs to get in there.

I have looked at the plan and it has very little carbs after the 10 day boost of more food I think I can eat and I will certainly miss my fruit as there's not a lot of that either. I really want this to work for me and my husband who is also gaining weight and needs to get fitter for his heart health.

For those of you who haven't heard of this diet, Terri-Ann created this plan herself from mixing other plans she'd done in the past working out what made her lose weight, she doesn't claim to be a doctor or diet expert but when she lost a lot of weight trying for a child her friends asked her how she did it and she wrote it down for them. They lost weight too and it just snowballed from there. She charges a one off fee for the diet book and then offers help with her team of administrators plus the Facebook members group shares recipes etc. She has a disclaimer in the booklet advising you to ask your GP before beginning. I can't get to see my GP until the 4th of Jan.

There are people who have lost up to 9 stones and I just feel this plan is my last hope as I joined weight watchers in March this year and didn't manage to lose more than 6.5 lbs and I'm now heavier than when I started. My legs are crippling me I'm at the point now where I will end up in a wheelchair if I keep gaining weight. I've needed both knees replacing for the last 12 years but am too young (52) as they only last 10 years and if they have to replace them again and there's not enough bone to attach it to you can end up an amputee.

I need to know as much as possible about this plan and if anyone who has heard of it, tried it, knows anyone who has tried it please get in touch.

Thank you in advance for any replies.

Take care and have a fantastic Christmas and all the best for 2016

Cannylass xx


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22 Replies

  • Hi cannylass,

    I've not heard of the plan but if it inspires you to make changes for you and your health then go for it. 😃

    Have a look at the NHS choices 12 week plan that will give you some sound guidelines to work from.

    Good luck and look forward to reading your posts


  • Never heard of it but I'm always a bit skeptical of this sort of diet.

    I guess I think that if its not 'balanced' then it's difficult to maintain.

    I prefer not to do a special diet because what happens when the diet is finished - what have I learned? I've learned that I can change my diet and lose weight for a few months but when I have to go back to eating 'normally' I pile on the pounds.

    I've dieted on and off for years (trying everything!) and it's taken all this time to learn that I just need to eat properly. No high protein, no special teas, no slimming shakes just a normal balanced diet with the right ingredients and at the right portions.

    I'm sure you'll lose weight with it but consider whether or not it's something you can maintain.

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • I understand where you are coming from with regards to maintaining my weight after I've gotten to goal. I'd like to think I could keep up the good work and see it at a change as much as a diet. It had a quick weight loss boost for the first 10 days which is what I need to be able to move without pain. I have so much wrong with me and am on so many meds the docs just can't help. I'd have to have a gastric bypass I think to help me lose weight without a strict diet. I doubt they'd allow me to have it done though.

    Fingers crossed I succeed on this one. Good luck everyone and have a happy lighter new year.


  • Well, you have nothing to lose by trying it and seeing as you've bought it then give it a whirl!

    I would urge you to move your mindset away from dieting and towards a better, healthy way of eating that you can maintain for the rest of your life*.

    Good luck with everything- looking forward to hearing how you progress

    *I'm saying this whilst eating three Lindt chocolates! LOL!

  • *I'm saying this whilst eating three Lindt chocolates! LOL!

    TUT TUT TUT! Wheres mine? lol.

  • Share Lindt chocolate? No way! I'm doing you a favour!


  • It's OK I've got some Jelly Belly beans to munch on. They last longer too.

  • I can't add to what has already been said, other than that I am rooting for you and wish you success.

    I'm sure if you're ever struggling with menu ideas, a quick question posted on this site will give fruit to a number of ideas. I find that this site is very creative when it comes to making a sensible meal from the minimum of ingredients.

    Best wishes

  • I also have heard of if but my husband being diabetic makes it so would be hard to do as he needs the carbs but the main idea is that you cut carbs out for about a week and then the following week u put it back in so forth it does have a good write up about it but be aware u might feel quiet hungry because carbs are very filling but u end up having 5 small meals a day hope that helps x

  • Diabetes is a condition of hyperglycaemia; if your husband lowers his carb intake he will need less medication

  • They ask you to have 250g of meat for lunch and the same for dinner I struggle eating that much. One of the admin team eats a lot of eggs. I need to ask my GP if I'll be OK with a lot of eggs as I can go weeks without eating an egg.

  • Good luck with the new eating plan. If you are cutting down a lot on carbs, you may feel a bit rubbish as your body switches from using carbs to using fat. This is called ketosis, worth having a Google to find out more about the effects of going low carb and how to cope with it. You could always try reducing your carbs slowly to allow your body to adapt. The main thing to remember is not to eat any processed carbs, like breakfast cereals, or processed foods in general.

    This is one site that gives a lot of information on low carb diets, it also recommends eating protein, but it doesn't have to be meat all the time, you could have fish or legumes for a change.

  • Thank you so much for the link. I am cutting down on my carbs already as I know it's a kind of detox and I need to drink a lot of water too. I'll take a look at that link, thanks again. x

  • I saw this post a few months ago about this diet and thought I wanted to answer.

    Personally during the diet I missed the fruit and vegetables, I could not eat all the amount of fish/meat it is required ( 500gr per day) an didn't find this plan very balanced at all.

    I also think that this diet works very well if you have to lose a lot of weight but if you need to lose a few pounds it doesn't work that well. I followed this diet with a group of friends and the ones who needed to lose more than a stone lost a lot and quickly for others ,like me ,who needed to lose half a stone or less the diet was almost unsuccessful. Also they said that if you exercise regularly you lose less weight and this honestly should not be true. All in all I think that the 10 boost day is ok if you need to slim a bit but I would not carry on with this diet for more than 10 days as in my opinion it isn't balanced and that healthy .You need a bit of everything especially fruit and vegetables ,I'm concerned to see that a lot of pregnant women follow this regime . SO I would say : stick to it but for a short time .

  • You're right, it doesn't seem balanced from what I've read here.

    I would like to add that pregnant women have been advised to base their meals on starchy foods for years, regardless of the potential detriment to their insulin levels; no mention that most spike insulin even if they are high in fibre.

    I will be glad when the soft drink tax comes into force, because the rhetoric of low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar has diluted the message that fructose causes NAFLD and visceral fat, contributing to insulin-resistance, of which abdominal fat is a visible sign for many.

  • The diet has changed recently as Terri Ann has looked at improvements and she doesn't claim to be a medical person or trained in diet making she just created the diet for herself, lost weight and then her friends asked how she did it so she wrote it down for them. this then snowballed to what it is today. I believe she genuinely wants to help people and she continues to improve the plan. She's added bread now and more fruit and vege. I still haven't started it yet as I set out to do the 10 day part and failed on day 4 so stopped until my husband has gotten involved and can help me. So far he hasn't. I've asked him this weekend to sit down with me and look at the diet but now I'm going to look at the NHS 12 week plan. It may be better for us.

    Thank you everyone who replied with advice I really appreciate your taking the time. Take care and have a good week. xx Cannylass

  • I have bought her plan only last month so I think I have the new plan, the one of 7-8 months ago it was a bit different but not that much, a friend of mine has it and we did the comparison.If she has added fruit ,veg and bread to her new plan that is still too little . I know and I knew when I bought the plan that she is not a doctor and I do believe ,like you ,that she does want to help people but having tried the diet myself together with 5 friends I can honestly say that we all thought that this plan is not balanced at all and I did worry a lot for pregnant women or even young girls who go through this diet . The nhs plan is great ,I love it and can stick to it ,you can eat well and fill full . Good luck Cannylass and if your husband helps you that is fantastic, my husband can't stand diets!!!!

  • Thanks RebeccaR,

    My husband sits with me at the GP and we both need to lose weight. When the doc says to him what do you eat? He replies I eat whatever she puts in front of me.

    So I want hubby to look through the NHS 12 week diet plan with me and we can sort it out together and change what we eat and he will have to be tough with me because I suffer from depression and use food for comfort so he needs to be in the right headspace too so we are going to sit together and work something out, fingers crossed. Lol


  • He must love you for certain! That is so nice that he is coming with you and helping you .My husband keep repeating that diets are stupid and that doesn't help . I also use food to feel better ,I'm sure we can stick to the nhs pan ,we can do it Cannylass we can! A big hug and good luck

  • He needs to lose weight too but leaves it all to me and then blames me for being overweight by telling the doc he eats whatever I put in front of him. So I've said he needs to do an intervention and take over our eating plans and get involved. I can still cook the meals but I need his support when I want to cook egg n chips with bread for sarnies or when I want to eat a whole tub of Hagen Das. Its then I need him to be strong and talk me down from the bad food choices.

    I get so stressed and depressed when 'dieting' so I need him to take that away from it and not call it a diet either.

    Thanks for your support rebecca. Good luck to you too and have a good week.

  • I don't know anything about therry something, however this is the effect of the NHS programme on me after 11 weeks

  • Well done on your weight loss. I hope I'm as successful as you when I finally get in the headspace I need to and start a more healthy eating plan.

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