I think I'm on to plan Z ! πŸ€”

Hi all,

Hope you are good.

Weigh in today and have stayed the same, feeling a bit deflated and need to re-think my food and exercise.

Last week I had my 6 mthly MOT at the GP and got a phone call to say I've an underactive thyroid, for a few months I've been battling fatigue and put it down to upping exercise and just 'living' so that explains it, and when I have looked back my weight loss has been a bit slow and erratic so maybe it explains a bit.

My GP is really pleased with my overall fitness and weight loss but as I said to her ' I'm not done yet '. She has started me on meds but has suggested no 'dieting' or exercise till I'm established on meds! I'm worried will fall back into unhealthy eating and put a lot of Ibs on till meds kick in !!!!πŸ€”

My circuit classes have finished till the 4th of Jan so a bit in panic mode !! Eeeek lol

Good news my cousin who is like an older sister to me is coming from New Zealand for Xmas. It was meant to be a surprise but hubby told me last night, fabulous but ............ my plans for a low cal Xmas are out the window, if I'm having family staying they need fed eh!

So plan Z ( I got there in the end!!),

Eat sensibly

No weigh in till family go home on 3/1/16

Keep to my normal walking

Live, love, laugh !!!

Keep in touch with you all πŸ˜ƒ

So a week of good balance eh !!! Love to you all



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19 Replies

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  • Keep motivated and positive ,best wishes

  • Thanks skinnylizzie,

    I'm hanging on in ! have a lovely weekend


  • Have a lively christmas

  • Thanks Aqua_marine,

    And a fab time for you and yours xx


  • How lovely! I was stuck at the same weight for ages. Google Woosh effect and weight loss. I think that's what my body tends to do.

  • Thanks k_o_g,

    I'll have a look, and will just keep plodding till it all comes good


  • Hi Flossie,

    How exciting that your cousin is going to be coming over to spend Christmas with you - I can imagine you are really excited.

    I think your Plan Z sounds very sensible and a good plan.

    A week of good balance is healthy and I hope you have a really lovely time. Sending you lots of Christmas hugs! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal,

    Can't believe how they've managed to keep it so secret !!, hope the plan works !!

    Catch up Monday, have a lovely weekend


  • Thanks, you too xx

  • Hi Flossie, it's great that you have family coming all that way for Christmas and I'm really pleased for you. Your plan is really sound and I'm sure you will have an excellent time.

    Health and happiness is not solely about a number on the weighing scales, it's about positioning ones self to enjoy life to the full, which I'm sure you do anyway.

    It's a balancing act and now is not the time to concern yourself too much about losing weight, it's more a time of enjoying yourself.

    I hope you have a really good Christmas x

  • Thanks Tewson,

    I had planned a very low key Xmas but it's full on now !!

    You are so right that's it's not just about the scales but I do feel a bit cheated as I feel I've put loads of work in for not a lot of Ibs off πŸ€”, but hey ho we've got 2016 to be our yearπŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ.

    I'll still be checking in, but have a lovely weekend and enjoy your Xmas.


  • The way I look at it, is you've improved your health and have placed yourself in a good position for going forward.

    Have a GREAT Christmas x

  • Plan Z sounds like a great idea :-) What a lovely surprise about your cousin coming :-) :-)

  • Thanks Lucca,

    Fab news I've not seen her for 4 yrs but do talk each week. Just a thought hope she notices the weight I've lost ! Eeek what if does not !! Lol


  • Hi flossie and may I just say many congratulations on everything you have achieved this yr since you began your journey. You have made so many positive changes in your life and it will only get better from here on. You have inspired, encouraged and motivated me on my journey this yr and I am happy that we have got to know you and share our journeys together. Continue with the walking over Christmas and enjoy that mince pie :-)

    Enjoy Christmas with the family and all the festive cheer, treasure all the wonderful memories you are about to share with your loved one's and see you at weigh in on 03/01/2016.

    Happy Christmas and have a wonderful new yr flossie xx

    Trafford1 :-)

  • Thanks Trafford1,

    I think overall we've all had an eventful, successful year, and all I can do is hope we all have the same for 2016πŸ˜ƒ

    The support on this site is priceless and we are lucky to have so many being honest, friendly and motivating.

    Although I'm not planning on weighing in I will be having my 5mins a day of checking posts( l love reading them!!πŸ˜ƒ)

    So if don't catch up merry Christmas and happy new year, that wedding is just around the corner! xx


  • I've heard that plan Z is an absolute doozey, Flossie :)

    You are going to have the Christmas of all christmasses and everyone's going to have a whale of a time! Just enjoy having your cousin over from NZ and get back into the swing of things when they've gone home :)

    I shall look forward to hearing all about it.

    Lotsa luv right back at ya :)

  • Thanks Moreless,

    Hope plan z works I'm running out of plans !!lolπŸ˜ƒ

    It's a bit manic here but it's all good. Done the food shop and I've been really disciplined and not bought loads of 'xmas' goodies it will be worth it!

    Hope you have a lovely Xmas, I will be catching up with posts, I do need my 5 mins a day of healthunlocked!! (Ooh that reads a bit obsessional!! Lol)

    We all have so much to look forward to xx


  • 5mins?! If I was only on here 5mins/day, I'd be suffering serious withdrawal symptoms ;)

    You're doing much better than me, I seem to have heaps of goodies, despite being determined not to go overboard this year. Oh well, it is Christmas :)

    Have a blast this Christmas! :)

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