In need of serious advice


So I've NEARLY lost 10kg since starting this plan 8 weeks ago- and im doing well- im proud of food choices im making and feel comfortable cooking new foods and making sensible choices when eating out


this weekend me and my partner are meeting up with some friends and theyve decided they want to go to almost famous (a burder place) now ive been before and know how greasy and calorific the food is I've looked at the menu online and as far as I can see its just burgers and fatty ones at that- no salads or options of having it any different that a burger!

what do i do :(


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18 Replies

  • 10 kg in 8 weeks is an amazing amount. Well done. Maybe just enjoy the night out and allow for the extra over the week.

  • thank you- im about 1.5kg off being aat that 10kg amount

    i do just feel like if i go for broke and have the food then the drinks after- ill end up thinking stuff it and end up giving up for christmas and new year week and then be back at stage one ://

  • I go out for a burger and chips with onion rings on very rear occasions and it's a day I like to count in as a treat day. I don't eat all of the bun although I have some I do eat all the chips but there's not that many to start with. The whole thing comes up to 1000 cal so what I do is work extra hard the following day and up my exercise and still lose weight. You have to learn that the journey isn't all about restricting yourself from things you enjoy as those things are there to enjoy just not all the time :-) and have a lower calorie day following. Find the right balance and you will be successful. Enjoy your meal

  • Maybe ask for some salad and just eat the burger not the bun and have it without cheese. Some places are happy to help if you ask nicely.

  • ah that sounds like a happy medium! the thing is I dont even really like them so it seems like a mega waste of calories!! especially as my mum is making steak pie and home made chips the next day :D I'd much rather save my calories for that

  • Don't panic Wood, assuming it's not a counter serve place like McD's or Burger King, then you're well within your rights to specify what it is that you want.

    You could try a veggie burger, which would be less fat and fewer calories.

    They must have salad stuff there, cos it's normally put inside burgers, so ask for a salad to accompany your burger, with dressing on the side, even if it's just lettuce, tomato and onion.

    Opt out of the chips

    Ask for no bun

    Limit alcohol consumption, to say 2 drinks and just drink iced water with a lemon slice while you're eating.

    Save up some of your calories from the rest of this week to compensate.

    As long as you go into this with a plan of action, you shouldn't get derailed and go to pot over Christmas and new year.

    Good luck and most importantly, enjoy yourself! :)

    PS Congrats on the 8.5Kgs lost so far :)

  • that's not very kind of them, say you cant go there because you have a medical problem and have to cut out fat, suggest anywhere which does burgers and salads, its not untrue because if we get overweight there are lods of knock on problems. good luck

  • Well done Wood05 on your loss so far :)

    Can you go for a chicken option? I always leave most of the bread these days - I'd rather have a few chips and no bread. Can you then adjust your calories for a few days before and after. A meal out can sometimes make no different if you make some adjustments to other days.

    Hope you enjoy it anyway :)

  • Hi Wood,

    I had a look at the menu online, and have to say that it looks a bit of a nightmare in terms of there being anything that is not bursting with fat and lots of calories and rich sauces.

    If I had to go there, and believe me, I'd probably try hard to get my friends to change the menu - then I would probably try to ask for a Kid's Cheeseburger (as they described the Kid's options as being plain) and I'd probably order a portion of the fries called "Winning' as they were described as "skin on and sweet potato fries".

    But if they wouldn't allow me to choose a Kid's option, then I'd probably choose the "Brittany Murphy" which was described as mac patties, but I'd ask for the sauces to be 'on the side' so I could add the amount I'd feel comfortable with - or I'd choose the "Million Steak sandwich".

    But I think those options would be quite calorific, so I'd be trying to choose lighter options for the remainder of the day, and would probably try to do some extra exercise to work off the excess.

    Of course, like others have said, you could just go for whatever you would most enjoy eating, and just try to do 'damage limitation' for the remainder of the week.

    Whatever you do, I hope you have a lovely evening, and that you enjoy your night.

    Lowcal :-)

  • its a nightmare place!! the people wont change where we're going either which is a pain cos the foods horrible and theres such little choice!

    after peoples suggestions I did look at the awesome frickin' chicken and thought about asking for it without sauce and with extra lettuce- then i could just eat a bit of the burger as a burger and the rest with the lettuce?

    last time we went my friend wanted a childrens meal and they wouldnt let her :/

    also how do people calculate how many calories are in meals out like this? or just put ++++++++ hahah

  • Good idea, Wood. The chicken one sounds good - maybe you could get it quite 'plain' and then just have a pot of sauce of your choice on the side, and ask for a healthy salad alongside with no dressing on it - your idea to eat the burger with the lettuce sounds really good.

  • its such a difficult place to eat healthy!!!

  • Virtually impossible I'd say. It really seems to like putting remarks on the menu about 'excess'. Maybe phone them up and discuss your requirements - maybe they could reassure you that they could provide some healthy options.

  • Hi Wood, just a though, if you eat say 800 Calories over your allowance, you would only need to cut your calorie intake by 100 Cal per day for eight days. Not too bad really. I wouldn't worry about it and just eat and drink as sensibly as I could. Enjoy the evening as much as possible :)

    I would also consider asking if I could choose the next restaurant :)

    It's healthy to have compromise, even when dieting, :)

  • What I do after a blow out is to just go really strict for the next couple of days till I have lost any gain. I do this on a regular basis. Weigh myself after a blow out then challenge my self to get rid of it within a couple of days. Works for me so I would just go ahead and have a good night.

  • Just wanted to let you all kno I survived

    I just had water for drink and did get a chicken burger but with no sauce and mayo in the side so I could put the tiniest amount on- I also didn't order fries but did steal a few sweet potatoe ones from my partner- chuffed with myself :)

    Thanks for all the support and advice much love ❤️

  • WTG you! :)

    Just goes to show that your willpower's stronger than you give yourself credit for :)

  • Why can't you just say that you hate that kind of food? I do! Being honest works for me.

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