Sober Xmas

Anyone staying sober over the holidays? If so, any tips?

I have one so far: Winter Spice Ribena. You drink it warm & its very mulled winey.


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14 Replies

  • M&S do a really nice non-alcoholic mulled wine :-)

  • Sparkling water in a wine glass...

    and pineapple juice with sparkling water if I'm feeling exceptionally exotic...!?!

    and a nice cup of peppermint tea towards the end of the evening (can be 9pm, I'm such a lightweight!!!)

    I've been off the booze since September due to medication...

  • I won't be drinking. I like elderflower cordial and fizzy water and 0% beers and wine. Just for Xmas. Normally I drink fizzy water with lime or elderflower or tonic.

  • I have told my husband that he can have as many bottled beers in the house as he wants. I won't crave those because I have decided in my mind that I am not having beer until I have reached my target. But no wine is coming into this house. I will be drinking sparkling water.

  • Not sure I CAN drink anymore. Haven't had anything since March and whrn I had a shandy recently I woke up hungover!

  • I drink sparkling spring water when socialising as no-one can tell that it isn't a G&T or something.

    I like the idea of a dash of pineapple that Rainshine suggests - yum!

  • I shan't be showing any restraint over Christmas. I shall have a glass of wine with dinner and a beer in the evening. I enjoy a drink, but the operative word is "a". Any more than one drink is waste on me I'm afraid. There was a time when I would enjoy up to ten pints in an evening, but now I only have one. This is not a conscious choice, it's simply that over the years, the way I enjoy a drink has changed.

    I shall be as happy on one drink as others are on six :)

  • Well done! Part of the reason I am giving up is because I end up binge drinking and feeling terrible for it! I can't say no after one lol

  • I don't enjoy booze, apart from the odd baileys in coffee, I won't have that as driving home on boxing day

  • It's not alcohol free but I make mulled cider with lots of apple juice so not very alcoholic, you could probably make it with pure apple juice so it's completely alcohol free. I just use the mulled wine tea bags you buy in the supermarket. Holland and Barrett also sell pre mixed alcohol free mulled berries juice in bottles, you just pour into a saucepan and heat up, but I think its prob high in sugar...

  • I will be sober this year as well. Gave up alcohol in the summer.

    I have the mulled spice kit that you get for making mulled wine. I'll be using it with Robinsons Apple and blackcurrant diluting juice. :-D

    Ginger beer is another drink I like.

    I found some non-alcoholic cocktails by Feel Good in Asda last week mojito and strawberry daiquiri. They also have a Extra Special Non-alcoholic Red Grape and Hibiscus Spritzer that I like. Cranberry juice and sparkling water is another drink I like to make as well. :-D

  • Oo Cranberry & sparkles! I shall be trying that!

  • I'll be getting rat-arsed hic hic!

  • It's very supportive to see how many people can enjoy a sober xmas :)

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