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Right about my mum

My mum has been losing weight to and she never seems to be happy about me losing it due to unforeseen circumstances I am at my mums for a week I have gained 3 pound being here I think my mum is definitely out to make it harder for me to lose weight thank god only here for a week God knows how much my kids would of put on question is how do u try and come bk from something like this cause really has put me in a rut x

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Hi Emma-and. You have a tricky week underway, but even if you eat everything your Mum puts in front of you all week, that will still only be a temporary and minor blip in your weight loss as long as you can keep your motivation going.

Every situation (and family!) is different, but perhaps I would:

Set some ground rules (ie no puddings / cakes).

Take charge of filling the fruit bowl with things YOU like, and make a point of eating fruit regularly so that you don't end up starving in front of a plateful of something highly calorific.

Take charge of serving up meals - so you can control your portion sizes.

Offer to prepare a few meals - and make sure they meet your calorie needs.

Don't eat when she's not there! (ie skip the odd breakfast and lunch - so that dinner is not as damaging. she won't know so she can't argue with you) - only do this if you can be sure you won't go mad in the evening.

And if none of that works, just take the week off the dieting and get back on the wagon the moment you step out of that door - and tell us all what you are up to on here so that you feel you "must" do whatever you promised you would!

Good luck. Stick with it - this is just a difficult week - not the end of your weightloss!


Good luck -


That is a bit rotten. families are hard work sometimes. Next time go prepared. Take your own food.


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