Sort of day when I want to eat

Very neatly finished my assignment for uni. Had only rice cakes for lunch. No time for lunch - this is not my usual pattern. Had a few prices of toast extra but not over my calorie allowance. Not hungry but today I want chocolate and prosecco. Just because I do. There is not any in the house do I can't. Think I just want a day off and I can't have one.


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  • Hi Aqua_Marine, some may not agree, but I think it's good to have a day off now and then :) I know some, have a day off once a week and that becomes routine. I tend to have a day off at social events, but then I don't eat out that often. If I'm visiting friends and family, I will happily accept all hospitality. :) I shall enjoy Christmas day to the full :)

    It all depends how far you are into the diet regime. A few months down the road and a good 2 1/2 stone lost, I'm not too worried if I take time out. The early stages though are quite important, as you are setting a new eating pattern and that needs time to be established.

    The one rule I do have, is if I'm going to have timeout, then I do that in company, where I can enjoy it to the full. I won't sit in and empty house and scoff chocolates in front of the telly. Call me odd, but if I'm in company, then my manners kick in and I will indulge but not over indulge.

    That's how I cope :)

    I hope it's of interest to you :)

  • i need to learn some tips from you! :)

  • I agree with you Tewson completely, I'm over 2 years in on my journey and 9st lost; I'm not sure where that small extra person has disappeared too!!

    I have found for me the important thing is to feel that I am still in control of my eating. I make a conscious decision on when I am going to relax my eating not just let it happen. Be fully aware of what I am having and make sure I really enjoy what ever I am having. We are all trying to alter our eating patterns for the rest of our lives. Eating mindfully is what normally people do and enjoy this with friends and family. The old me used to wait till when other we're not about to stuff myself with anything I could find at home. Or sometimes I would going into a shop, buy cakes or chocolate and go back to the car and scoff the lot and hide the wrappers.

  • Congrats on what my son would call an "EPIC!" loss! (I keep picking up his vocabulary, unfortunately. I'd hate to think I'm down with the kids tho, cos I don't want to's their job to be young and hip or whatever the term is these days lol!)

    I hope to be in a similar position to you in a couple of years or so, I still have a lot to do, so every time I read that someone has lost that much, it inspires me - thank you and well done!

  • I have done those things in the past. I woukd have hit the kit karts during the assignment.

  • Can't over indulge nothing unhealthy to eat.

  • That's ideal! :-D

  • "today I want chocolate and prosecco"

    Chocolate makes fizz taste awful. Don't do it!!

  • Hi Aqua it's good to hear you didn't have those things in the house so you didn't give in. Well done you :-)

  • I think we each have our own ways of making this journey work for us and all have days where we'd like to go nuts and fill our faces with all things that have been denied, or restricted. We just have to decide whether this is the right time, place, or reason for following up on these desires.

    You were able to resist by not having the desired yummies in the house, so well done for having the sense to be prepared for just such an emergency :)

    It may be that somewhere down the line, as a treat, you may plan a few squares of chocolate and a glass of bubbly (although I have to agree with flavourfiend that the combination is not entirely great ;) )

    Whatever you decide, it's important to enjoy your journey, so have fun :)

  • You are right I am due a day off soon

  • no you don't need that, you should be feeling on a high having finished your assignment, exercise will give you same endorphins as chocolate so go and be energetic, treat yourself to some pampering instead you deserve it and will be pleased you haven't eaten chocolate. good luck

  • Had avacado on toast

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