Week 1 Done

Well week 1 was done and I have struggled a bit this week but sttod on the scales this morning and it said I had lost 5 pounds which can't be right... It doesn't feel any different and I feel just as big as ever but I stood on the scales 3 times just in case.

I have weighed myself at a different time as I am not going to be in later but still to go down is very good. I'm please with this result and I think will weigh myself in the morning every time now as I know I will be in then. Roll on the next week and see what I can do this week. I would say there are Christmas parties this week so going to have to try and resist the urge to OVER eat but I will still have a little treat. x


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12 Replies

  • Well done Kat. What a result! Fantastic! Don't forget to use the tape measure to check progress too. I use a piece of string cut to the exact size of my belly, and then cut a little off every week as I get in shape :)

    A great post. Thank you for sharing. You've started my day with a smile, 'cos I'm so happy for you.

    Have a great week :)

  • Thank you as I haven't cut out things like Bread so I'm pleased but I'm more conscious of what I am eating.

    Good reminder in terms of the size piece as I have'nt done this so I think I should do this but scared of the result.

  • I'm a little slow getting back to you 'cos of the school run. I wasn't long into my diet before I realised I needed to reduce bread intake considerably. I now have bread only once or twice a week. I think it's a case of making the changes incremental and not try to introduce all of the changes in one go and then fail. You will no doubt find the best way for you.

    Changes to the body take place over the course of the healthy living regime and I've made a few observations such as loss of pain in my knees, loss of back pain and a whole host more :)

    As I sat down pondering what to write, I was a the keyboard just twiddling my watch around my wrist. Just slowly turning the watch so the face was on the outside and then on the inside of my wrist.

    That made me smile because a little while ago, I was thinking of having a new strap fitted because the watch had become too tight. It's worth making a note of all the little changes that take place :) The number on the scales will only ever tell you a little of the changes that are taking place as you become more fit.

    One of the acid tests for me, will be when I can once again wear my wedding ring :)

  • Yeh Tewson - I just put my little silver ring that I've had for years back on. I was pleased it fits again 😊

  • Wow! That's absolutely brilliant :)

  • Doing really good take this next week steady it will all work out in the long run😃

    Good on you for starting at such a food/alcohol Lord time of the year😃

    Have a lovely week


  • You have a lovely week as well and thank you for the encouragement to all who follow.

  • Well done, I can assure you the scales can drop any numbers the bigger a person is the more in lbs will drop, I used to watch he biggest loser some would lose upto 14lb in 1 week, keep going with it

  • Well done! Once you hit that first stone you will start to notice :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Great job losing 5 lbs in your first week. You may not feel much different to start with but give it time and you will see and feel the difference.

  • Woo-hoo - what a great start!

  • It goes from everywhere tho - like me and Tewson have found, even your fingers ! Face, neck, little bits everywhere - congrats - you did well 👍

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